What is "local" leave all about?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by G104MEN, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone throw some light on what "local" leave is all about? I was always under the impression that if you were on leave, you were excused ALL duties(except if recalled to duty through formal chains). Is there some hidden box on your leave application that asks "local or not so local" leave? I can't be the only one who has had to cancel some long term planned event with family, just because I was staying in my pad and not "out of station". Would be grateful for any thoughts on this. :?
  2. There is no such thing - although I know it exists, and I use myself to describe that sort of leave where a UKSC(G) soldier submits a leave pass but choses to remain in theatre as opposed to returning to UK.

    When, due to shortsightedness or fastballs, a soldier needs to be recalled from leave, then those soldiers who are on "local leave" will be the first ones nominated, because it dispenses with having to fly a soldier (and maybe his family) back from the UK - therefore it is cheaper for the MOD.

    As for my thoughts on this - well if you are a UKSC(G) based soldier and want to go on leave - then put a UK address on your leave pass (but be wary of the length as you may have LOA deducted etc), you will stand less chance being jiffed then, and if anyone should ask why you are not in the UK, then you can say you have changed your mind - after all you are on leave.
  3. This sounds very close to one of my pet whinges but from the other side of the garrison fence:

    Does anyone else get "holidays", when all that happens is that everything still gets dumped in your in-tray, and you then have to spend all the hours that God gives clearing it when you get back? They don't give you holidays - they give allowed-to-be-away-from-your-desk-days (Clever little bastwards).
  4. But you're one of 'them' now, aren't you! :D

    No, not, 'Them', 'them'...
  5. As a complete side issue, how much did your full page spread in this weeks Sixth Sense cost you BB?
  6. 62 ord coy in 1992 - as a tom I got 7 days ROPs for failing to attend a duty when on 'local' leave.

    I accepted the award then but now the cnuts would have to courts martial me!
  7. If anyone tried calling me back from leave when I'd made plans, I would politely tell them that there's no ******* chance. I would make an exception for World War 3, but not somebody's bad planning.
  8. Your army is obviously different to mine. I have been called back in on numerous occasions and I have done it to others too.

    Not through bad planning, nor WW3 but some things are just unforseeable. Luckily I have never had to deal with someone who simply said "No, it's not happening mate - endex - deal with it", so therefore I am not sure how I would deal with it, but I have a few ideas.
  9. Local is merely a geographical thing, local leave in Germany might mean you've stayed in Germany, Germany is a big effin' place! If you are on leave you are uninsured and not entitled to be in work. If your leave is cancelled and you're called into work that's different.

    Since an officer has authorised your leave it requires an officer of similar or greater standing to cancel your leave and call you into to work.
  10. wasnt Taff Evans who put you on orders was it?
  11. By admitting to perpetuating the practice you are as good as admitting your own lack of management ability. As for your "few ideas", that's bullying pure and simple. You would have no grounds for disciplining anyone who did not come in from leave.
  12. I am not as good as admitting it.

    I am admitting it.

    As for bullying - well I am not sure about that, I have never had to discipline anyone in this repsect, and I would suggest that calling someone in from leave and having the interpersonal skill to avoid confrontation as to the reasons why is testament to my managerial ability.

    The problem with those managers in any hierarchical organsation is that the man who should really shoulder the blame invariably tries to off load it to someone more junior by using phrases such as "your lack of managerial ability". During the occasions that I have had to call people in from leave, the reasons underlying it always somehow trace back to those who profess to know about management.

    People like you Sir, no doubt.

    As for grounds for discipline - well there are plenty but that would depend on the circumstances.
  13. Emptyeye - no, it wasn't taff Evans....it was that wannabe Sgt Maj - that wee jock guy from god knows where....Kenny H. whos wife worked in the Naafi in Oerlinghausen and tried to stsitch coy members up by saying:" ma husbands a bastad int he?"

    My reply was:" no, why would you say that - it would make your children...... really odd looking"... she didnt know what to say about that.

    I got, as I said, 7 days ropes.

    What he doesnt know is that I did something really nasty to all his bits and I peed in his active edge bergan etc..... sweet!
  14. We know each other you just dont know it
  15. When the shit has hit the fan and a few of the lads have been away, I have dealt with it on a few occasions. Suppose it depends on how much you have to deal with.