What is life like after training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Pride_of_the_South, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Apart from going on tours. wat is live like in the army training. Is it a giant piss up or wat? :drunken:
  2. Depends what you do, and if you actually want to do it!
  3. Pride

    are you on a 'wah' fest??
  4. wat do u reckon
  5. I rekon that just because you have the ability to post a topic, doesn't mean you have to. 66 posts in 3 days is a bit of a record on here, especially as most of them are utter drivel. Perhaps you should do a little more receive and a lot less transmit. Also try and type it out in a word document and run it through a spell check.
  6. Cheers yoda, but i don't have spell check on my computer. i am just trying to find out wat it is like in the army before i sign my life away. So wat did you do when you joined the army just sign on the dotted line and just wait to see wat happens. Personnally i think that is a very stupid thing to do. You must of read the stuff i posted because you refer to most of it as 'drivel'. However i am just trying to get as much info as possible. By the way if your wondering i am at the stage where i have filled in my medical form and sent it off and are waiting to hear from the army. And as to ur "little more receive and a lot less transmit." How can you receive if you don't transmit. You tell me that as you have all the answers.
  7. Its a big world wide web out there. You dont have to clog it up with your drivel. Receive: in other words read, if you have something funny or relivant to add then by all means go ahead, but 69 posts (and by now its probably in the low 80's in the time that I have written this) in 3 days is a bit much. If you like the sound of your own voice and feel the need to say every single thought in your head then crack on but here's some free advice: get it out of your system before you start basic training, try and be the grey man. -Receive only (ie listen) -Nobody likes a gobsh1te. If you havnt figured out who the Troop fcukwit is in the first 20 minutes...then its you.

    If you dont have word on your computer then try typing into a google searchbar, if it comes back with did you mean "gobshite" (for example) then the chances are you spelt it wrong!

    For the record, I couldnt give a wheelbarrow full of elephant crap where you are on joining the Army. I'm now off to go and clip my toenails, just incase you are interested in what I'm doing.
  8. Cheers. for the advice about becoming the gray man and if i can't find the troop Fcukwit in 20 mins then its me. This is the type of advice i want and i will take that onboard. But don't take this the wrong way jump in front of a fcuking train and die!
  9. Yoda has a point, fraggle. You seem to be the sort that will end up being reggie bathed due to your big gob.
  10. That rich coming from you lord flasheart, i know shit loads of N.C.O's (junior and senior) that want to beat the shit out of you for being a gobby C&nt. Not me tho i think its funny!
  11. Strange you should ask such a question 70 posts in. I thought it would be your first curiosity.

    Are you in training? If so, how the fcuk do you get time to post on ARRSE?

    But to answer your question. After training you get to shag lots of birds 'cos birds love squaddies. Plenty of opportunity to crack one out if you're ugly.
  12. Really? Send them my way. I'll bet they will have fun beating the crap out of an internet username.

    You're mistaking gobbyness for wit.
  13. By the way......'what' has the letter 'h' in it.

    Just trying to help.
  14. Ummm youve only just sent your medical forms off, and you know shite loads of NCOs already?????????
  15. oh so thats where i am going wrong