What is KG VI and how do I get on it?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by walt_of_the_walts, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Title says it all really. Anyone done it? So what is it, and can ATC Adult SNCOs/Officers do it?

    It has been recommended to me by a fellow ATC Officer, but he did his when he was in the ACF many moons ago.
  2. course that allows you to do exercises involving blank firing/pyro with cadets methinks
  3. It is the King George VI Leadership Course, which in the ACF qualifies for promotion to WO or Capt. It is an excellent course that teaches students to organise and supervise training in the field or in the classroom. It also qualifies you to use pyrotechnics. An all round good course, however, long hours but a must for those wishes to develop within the ACF
  4. Good. Sounds right up my strasse. Now I've just got to convince a Wing Commander....
  5. Pyrotechnics should be done on an AITC
  6. Pyro is done on KGVI, this course certifies you to use pyro, AITC doesn't. Also, the courses are titled ACF/CCF KGVI so don't know if there are actually places for ATC/SCC but would be worth a try, its a character building and very helpful week.
  7. I can quite assure you that the Pyro qualifier should be done on AITC! As that's how I did mine, and everyone else did. And that is done by 18,19 and 20 CTT. A refresher is good at any time, but they should be done on AITC.
  8. I think then that this must be a difference between counties/brigades. Obviously, teaching adults how to use pyro before they are qualified to teach a cadet the names of parts on a rifle is more of a priority with your CTTs.
  9. No, our CTT expects adults to be trained in cadet units and tested at the AITC, as they should be. RTTFM mate.
  10. I've always been informed that pyro is done on KGVI
  11. I'm sure it is. Never anything bad about re-training for those who've done it, and especially as it is field craft makes sure everyone is at the same level.
  12. Is an adult an AI before they have attended the CTC AI's course?
  13. Yup.You're an adult as soon as you're a PI. You get your stripes upon doing your AITC, and you're required to do basic frimley within two years, which is only SAA anyway.
  14. Oh so there's no child protection, duty of care lectures, drill, or red book stuff on the basic frimley course then?
  15. tsar_Nikolas
    read your red book and you will find for the ACF KGVI is the only qualification to use pyro