What is Keevan Jones MP agenda?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, May 17, 2007.

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  1. This guy is asking lots of questions about the costs of refurbishing official quarters and mess kit - latest one is below. Anyone else think he's been sent to try and discredit senior officers by Bliars minions to queiten down the housing debate? I think we should FOI him for all his correspondence to see what New Liabours agenda is here...

    Army: Costs
    Mr. Kevan Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence pursuant to the answer of 20 March 2007, Official Report, column 50W, on the Army: costs, what the reasons were for the amount spent on maintenance of the property occupied by the Commander in Chief Land, broken down by main budget heading. [136626]

    Derek Twigg: The figure previously provided under the generic heading “maintenance” covered a range of costs including the supply of replacement equipment, redecoration and the rectification of faults. A breakdown of the costs are shown in the table.

    Description of maintenance Cost (£)
    Legionella Water Sampling

    Property Repairs

    Toilet Repairs

    Electric Faults

    Internal Light Faults

    Boiler Repair

    Oven Repairs

    External Security Light Repairs

    Electrical Works

    16 May 2007 : Column 814W
    Tap Repairs

    Fence Repairs

    Renew Taps

    Repair Cooker

    Repair Fire Alarm

    Automatic Gates Repair

    New Cooker

    New Freezer

    Decorate Breakfast Room

    Escape Lighting

    New Food Processor

    New Bathroom Mats

    Bedding and Towels

    2 Stools for Kitchen



    Army: Official Residences
    Mr. Kevan Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what sporting facilities are available at the residences paid for by his Department of the (a) Adjutant General, (b) Chief of the General Staff, (c) General Officer Commanding Northern Ireland and (d) Commander in Chief Land. [136385]

    Derek Twigg: The residence occupied by the Adjutant General has a grass tennis court.

    There are no sporting facilities at the residences occupied by the Chief of the General Staff, General Officer Commanding Northern Ireland and the Commander in Chief Land.
  2. As I pointed out yesterday in a similar thread, Kevan Jones is a member of the Commons Defence Select Committee so is bound to ask lots of questions of the MoD.
    New Liarbour toerag? Highly likely. Ulterior motive? Doubtful.
  3. Or he could be a conscientious member of the Committee who spotted close on seven and a half grand going on 'Maintenance' (which is a pretty generic heading) for one property and wanted to know just how the MoD had spent that much...
  4. JUVENAL - I've just had to spend more than twice the amount you quote on my tiny (my ONLY property) one bedroom flat, which is at the bottom of the 'property market' in SW18.

    PS. No doubt this man is a stool-pigeon for the 'Annointed-One' - Brown.
  5. I think if you read the topic I posted yesterday - "The truth Uncovered, Kevan Jones versus the MoD" I think you will suss out my standing on this MP.

    (Current Affairs,News and Analysis)

    P.S. Kevan Jones for example spends £3,000.00 on stationary last year.