What is JSUB?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. IS it something to do with Int work ? some one please help?
  2. What makes you think its something to do with Int?
  3. what some guy said?
  4. Joint Support Unit Basra - Wha??!!!!
  5. yes but what is the role what do they do make the tea? are they REMFS
  6. Joint Support Unit Basrah - most of the odds and sods at the APOD come under their umbrella - Garrison QM Dept, CIS, MT etc. As the name suggests, a tri-service 'unit' made up mostly of IRs who exist to support the HQs and formed units on the station.
  7. The int story is just a cover for a little known RAF unit

    Junior Service Underwater Bridgelayers.
  8. So it a loggy type unit?
  9. Actually your all wrong it stands for Joint service umbrella bin, its highly secret, now I will have to kill you all for telling you.
  10. I met a bloke who was going to JSUB he was largeing it about int and shit?
  11. JSUB are JSUB.. but who's the girl in your avatar!!? Is that the illustrious Kelly Clarkson?
  12. oh christ it's a bloody conspiracy theory!

    Is JSUB like 4 Field Survey Troop or one of the other 'bogeymen' units from 1970s Ulster? Brilliant!!!