What is JSUB?

Joint Support Unit Basrah - most of the odds and sods at the APOD come under their umbrella - Garrison QM Dept, CIS, MT etc. As the name suggests, a tri-service 'unit' made up mostly of IRs who exist to support the HQs and formed units on the station.
The int story is just a cover for a little known RAF unit

Junior Service Underwater Bridgelayers.
Actually your all wrong it stands for Joint service umbrella bin, its highly secret, now I will have to kill you all for telling you.
JSUB are JSUB.. but who's the girl in your avatar!!? Is that the illustrious Kelly Clarkson?
oh christ it's a bloody conspiracy theory!

Is JSUB like 4 Field Survey Troop or one of the other 'bogeymen' units from 1970s Ulster? Brilliant!!!

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