What is Jonny142 up to????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mediumwhiteamericano, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Every day he's in there, on his own. He refuses to talk to other visitors and pretends he can't hear you.

    Every chuffing day, all chuffing day!

    Can anyone shed some light on what Jonny142 is doing in the Chat Room, on his own?

    Is he a professional lurker? Is he lurking and waiting for anyone in particular?

    Just who is this man - Jonny142?

    Answers on a postcard to...

    MWA :D
  2. I don't know, I might go and try talking to him.
  3. Nope didn't get anything.
  4. He's a figment of your overactive imagination, no one else sees him.
    'You see dead people'
  5. Just tried, got nowhere:

    Welcome! You have entered [The NAAFI Bar] at 12:29 pm
    [The NAAFI Bar]: Moodybitch has entered at 12:29 pm
    [Moodybitch] 12:29 pm: jonny...speak!
    [Moodybitch] 12:29 pm: speak jonny
    [Moodybitch] 12:29 pm: speak
    [Moodybitch] 12:29 pm: speak
    [Moodybitch] 12:30 pm: speak
    [Moodybitch] 12:30 pm: how terribly fcuking rude!
  6. Maybe he's a highly sophisticated bit of American harware, trying to do some int gathering. A better version/predecessor to Jonny5 if you will? ;)

    Maybe he's malfunctioned and running around shouting things like "Jonny142 is alive!!"
  7. Like Joshua or Ripley on that film, war games.
  8. I've tried soooo many times to engage but he's just not there. I think we should be a tad concerned?
  9. I'd do the same to you as well!!
  10. Maybe he's in the TA, and only talks about the Army on a Tuesday evening, and the weekends?
  11. Oi! Less gobbing off, more trying to get Jonny to talk to someone you!
  12. Ill have you know the electricity up her in Manchester is a lot better than yor soft-shandy-sipping-boy-touching-southern shite :D

    I went in the chat a few days ago and Johnny stroked me. I think his carer has left him on his own.
  13. Any one for Global Nuclear Warfare?

    Maybe a nice game of Tic-Tac-Toe then?
  14. Maybe he's just woken up in 1973. He can occasionally see our posts about him, and read the stuff in the chat room, but although he is typing away like feck, he can't get through to us.

    There's an idea for a TV series in there somewhere, just as long as no-one beats me to it!