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Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by Monty417, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. What's 18 inches, stiff and makes women scream at night?

    Cot death.
  2. What's that in centimeters?
  3. 45.7cm, I would say ask him yourself, but he may want to show you in person.
  4. Take note: Irony wasted on panzerknacker... Vice out.
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  5. I do aplogise, I'm obviously not as cunningly intelligent on the irony scale as you are, 1-0 to you.
  6. Did you find the joke difficult to comprehend?
  7. Yeah cot death, hilarious, you must be a fucking hoot at baptisms.
  8. What are baptisms?

    Just carry on trawling the porn sites looking for big black cocks sweet cheeks. I know you'd love one up your jacksie, but the title of this Sub Forum is 'Sick Jokes.' Not.. 'Where can I find myself a piece of big black cock?'
  9. I can assure you; I've had something longer than 18 inches up my arse, thankfully I was out for the count at the time so I didn't have any real knowledge of it, and I haven't shit properly for three years because of it. I'm not really interested in anyone's cock other than mine, I was just treating your absolute abortion of an attempt of humour the utmost contempt it deserves.

    Now, if you'd posted,

    I tried to form a new club teaching young kids to play the violin. Not one child turned up, with hindsight, calling it kiddy fiddlers wasn't the best title.

    I'll leave you and viceroy to play with each other, you both seem to be on each other's level.
  10. Much much better.
  11. Panzer, you are a newbie, learn the ropes before posting smart ass comments. The kiddie fiddler wasn't too bad actually. Now go on and trawl the net for black oversize meat & veg!
  12. I think you'll find Vicey baby, that Panzer was a new account I had to start, I've been under a different name on this site since 2008.
  13. Uh-hu! Too daft to remember a password, have you tried "iluvcock"? "pussyaint4me"? "blacknhard"? "ballsdeep"? You get tne dea.
  14. Do not, I say again DO NOT tell this joke inadvertantley to a Mother who has lost a child to Cot Death, you will not be fucking that night! :-(