What is it with ........

...... the Welsh rugby boyos?

Henson and Powell both in trouble for fighting. Shaun Edwards beats some back-room 'wallah' and Shaun is not even Welsh. There are many other instances that do not make the national media.

If I was in Henson's way, I would step smartly aside and call him 'Sir'. Some may not like him, but he is one hell of lump - and fit.

If I was in Powell's way - I would run away and fast! It took ten really brave QPR yobs to floor him recently and he is in trouble!

If I was in Shaun Edwards' way, I would know I had gone completely 'barmy' and plead insanity.

I speak as a Welshman, and I acknowledge that if we have nobody to fight, we fight amongst ourselves - but I am sad that these three top 'rugger-buggers' are in trouble.

PS: I was passed in an alley (St. Michael's Alley) in the City yesterday by that ugly bugger who is to marry Zara Phillips. One of his legs was encased in a cast from knee to ankle.

PPS: Just remembered his name Tindall.
Really? Do you tug your forelock when talking to city gents too? I'd call him a tangoed Welsh prick and ask him what Charlotte's ******** tasted like.
You Sir, are either very big, enormously strong, a Black Belt, and courageous as a lion, or plain daft! Henson is very large and very fit. Whatever, bon chance and Happy Easter.