What is it with these spinless cnuts?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by geo7863, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Is backpeddling an essential 'skill' for an MP nowadays? just the other week we had that fella apologising for swearing at the Speaker and now this spineless buffoon!

    BBC News - Tory MP removes 'gay lesson' blog entry after complaint

    If it was me I would say, well I am sorry, if you dont like my views why dont you just fuck off and listen to someone else!

    I actually support what he said, what the fuck has sexuality got to do with the three R's? I mean for chrissakes 'John has three apples and he gives one to suzie and one to William, how many apples has John got left?'


    'John is a transexual waiting for NHS funding for his gender reassignment operation, he has three apples and he gives one to Suzie a Lesbian friend of his who is peckish whilst organising her 'marriage' to Brenda, and another to William who is a member of Stonewall and regularly goes on gay pride marches so he need some sustenance...how many apples does John have left?'
  2. Is John a registered transgendered outreach counsellor?
  3. John can be whatever he wants to be if it genuinely helped the kids to learn...but I dont think it does... its irrelevant in day to day learning. Teach 'em what you want in sex education, but dont start slanting everyday lessons to get a 'political message' across!

    And these mealy mouthed politicians dont help one little bit, if the fella is pissed off about it and mentions it in his blog then he should stick by his guns instead of back peddling!
  4. Fully support your comments, it beggars belief that he has to cow-tow and change his opinion because it was spotted by another MP. two issues are 1. Someone is looking for ammo and wasting taxpayers money for raising the issue & 2. The lilly livered spineless oik willing to change his opinion so easily, in case he gets dumped off the gravy train - what is the point of them FFS!!

    Calming down........and breathe