What is it with these Arrseholes who do this!?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blade-Runner, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. They're misunderstood, that's all. Stop being blinkered by Western idealistic values and embrace other cultures. It's the 21st Century FFS, not the Dark Ages.
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  2. A despicable crime carried out by pathetically inadequate no mark creatures.
    If ever anything deserved an eye for an eye style justice, this is it.
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  3. Not just confined to Pakistan either, seems to be the preferred method of reclaiming your "honour" in a lot of places recently.

    I am sure that this vibrant and diverse cultural enhancement will be coming to a street near you soon.
  4. It has been here for a long time. It is only now that the authorities accept that this sort of thing happens.
  5. Didn't Millwall supporters used to do the same?
  6. Chucking acid at immodest ladies is how Gulbuddin Hekmatyar got started and look at him now.
  7. Death really is too good for them.
  8. If all women wore the full Burqa or at least the Hijab then firstly they'd be protected to a certain degree from such attacks, the attacker wouldn't know which one to throw it at (unless at home) and of course nobody would have to see their disfigurement anyway.

    On a slightly more serious note, it's nothing new and people of all races have been doing it. Not long ago a woman had a corrosive agent (can't remember what it was) thrown at her for asking some kids to keep quiet in the cinema ffs. Mother-of-two who told youths to be quiet in Harry Potter film left seriously burnt after bleach attack | Mail Online
  9. How can it be claimed that it was all about honour? I know that I was raised in a Western society and have the obvious biases and whatnot but I find it very difficult to understand the logic in mutilating or even killing a loved one for the sake of the 'Family's honour'. I know that we were just as bad in the dark ages, but it's supposed to be the bright and shiny 21st Century?
  10. Yeah, Millwall supporters - what a bag of *****. Though I thought that they put you in the back of a car and burnt it before doing the above?
  11. The point you miss is,they're still in the dark ages.

    If it hadn't been for our "exploitation",and colonial expansion into the Indian sub-continent,it would still be a collection of feudal states,ruled by a small number of Princes,and Maharajahs,fighting amongst themselves,who were about as democratic as Attila the Hun.

    As for honour,well everyone knows it takes a 'real man',to beat,and mutilate women.
  12. Brighton Rock, Pinky carried a vial of acid with which to disfigure his girlfriend, this sort of thing goes back a long way in a number of different cultures.
  13. Whilst the book was no doubt based on research, and Graham Greene was good at it: Pinky was of course a fictional character, and so strictly speaking cannot be used as a reference to prove this was common in Britain in the 50's/60's
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  14. Any man, so called, who acts violently towards a woman is a creature full of inadequacies and lack of self esteem that he feels he can only redeem himself by demonstrating to his peers his power over a defenceless female by marking her in some life shattering way besides actually killing her as in the case of these Pakistani women, rather like football hooligans ie. lions on the terraces mice in the home....I,m just saying like.
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