What is it with the need for public grief?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 1stgulfmac, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. So sad that the girl Christina Edkins was stabbed in Birmingham but now we have the riddiculous outpouring of grief that follows this:
    "Outside Christina's school, queues of pupils have been turning up with flowers, balloons and teddy bears all morning. There are hundreds of flowers now outside the school gates.
    Flowers have also been left by the bus stop where the attack happened."

    Most will be from people who have no idea who this girl was. TThen you end up with these roadside shrines that when the council clear them up they are accused of being heartless. a young lad was run over near me about 5 years ago and every year his family do the flowers, football shirts, sad memeory message thing outside someones house, then complain when it is cleared up

    rant over.

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  2. Is Birmingham the new Liverpool?
  3. I blame The Diana frenzy and the way it was whipped up by politicians and media alike.
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  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    and as usual there will be call to stop us carrying anything in our pockets like swiss army knives despite her probably being poked with an everyday kitchen impliment as usual.

    I blame the social services and the council for stopping schools only buses.
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  5. This outpouring of grief is actually seeded by Interflora.

    They plant a bouquet of flowers at a strategic spot then exfil to stock up and fill the registers.
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  6. Its all part of the touchy feely age we live in, its not enough just to be inwardly sad for the loss of someone we didn't know existed until they died, one has to show everyone else that 'I feel your pain'.

    I too reckon it really picked up when the people's princess threw snakes eyes and the Blair bunch milked it for all it was worth. Travelling down the route the hearse took for weeks afterwards there were wedges of moldering flowers.
  7. Seeded by Interflora and 'grief counsellors' I reckon. These people seem to flood into schools / areas when something bad happens.

    Back in the 80s a lad in my year at school was murdered. We had an Assembly to tell us all about it and another a week later with his family. It was a couple of hymns and a prayer and then - 'crack on.' I'm sure things would be more touchy feely nowadays
  8. All pupils at the school have been offered counselling? The Leasowes is massive must be several hundred of them, are there QRF's of counsellors in strategic locations around the country on 24/7 ready for the next major traumatic event in the life of little mohamed in year 1.
  9. .
    Because it's become the new way to 'get on TV'. If pretend to be overcome by grief enough, hopefully i'll get an interview off SKY 'Milk a story to death' News. Next thing you know I'm presenting the weather on Price Drop TV.

    Utter *****.
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  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

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  11. Why the show of public grief?

    Because there is money in it.

    That's why.
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  12. I suppose people could be genuinely sad that a young girl got stabbed to death on a bus as well...

    I wouldn't carry on that way but that doesn't mean other people might not feel the need to.

    That said I am totally nails...
  13. How many times after a murder of achild have we been forced to witness the out pouring of grief during the police public appeal only to find out later that the murderer was sat next to the lead police officer and introduced to the waiting media masses as the father or mother or uncle......?.
  14. You think that's as deep as it goes?

    I happen to know that Interflora are one of the main donators to Al Qaeda and have been shipping handguns with the serial numbers removed into the UK and giving them away to hoodies for years. Probably.
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  15. I recall hearing or reading somewhere that it's becoming standard procedure to place close family in front of the camera's if they have a wiff of their involvement.

    In front of the TV in the next room are a plethora of plod, psychologists and body language experts