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I live in a pretty nice area. I don't bother anyone and never have done, but of recent, I'm beginning to feel a need to machine gun one or two of the other residents. The street where I live is quite narrow and if you park opposite the end of my driveway, I can't get any of my cars out. This necessitates having to identify the owner of the car trawling round the doors and once located, explaining the situation to them and politely asking them to move their car 10 feet forward or back. It's a pain for all concerned as on street parking is quite tight, but whilst my neighbours are making life convenient for them selves by blocking my drive, they make it bloody inconvenient for me.

I've explained the situation, dropped really large hints, even parked one of my cars outside the front of the house and not on the drive, purely to take up enough space so that my neighbours can't block me in, but allowing enough space for easy access to their houses.

Not for the first time, I woke up this morning and took the car parked on the road to the local paper shop. This was at 0750hrs. My neighbours cars were all parked on their respective drives. On my return at 0815hrs, the snooty wife of an ex LEs who lives in the corner had taken her car from her driveway and parked it in front of my house, leaving for some obscure reason at least 20 ft of parking space from the front of her car to her house. This isn't the first time, in fact it's regular as clockwork. I am of the opinion that she must lie awake waiting for me to go out, so she can f*ck me around. 10 to eight on a Sunday morning? Iask you......why?

Her husband, drives a hearse for a living (how can you remain toffee nosed when your old man does that for a living?)and frequently brings it and some of the other 'firms' cars home. The first time it was parked outside his house, I was jumping up and down as I though the little tw*t had popped his clogs. I was gutted to see him get into the drivers seat. half an hour later. The presence of the hearse caused an upset with the other next door neighbour, who was faced with it everytime he looked out of his window. He ended up building an ornameltal fence thing so as he didn't have to look at it each time he went to his front window.

To add to my woes, there's a vicar moved in at the other side. Despite him having taken on board what I said to him about the parking problem, his 'flock' who turn up quite frequently, continually block my drive. I feel that I cannot win.
Not sure of the local law where you are but here if someone parks in front of your access, so long as you have the lowered kerb bit, you can quite legally have the car towed away and the owner of the car gets the bill.

Another idea. Get your self an old banger, insure it in your wifes name (or someone else who doesn't drive much) wait until some tit parks across your drive and then oops didn't expect that to be there crash wallop.

Alternativley command detonated Teller mines could be the way forward? :twisted:
Put some cones out or lob a sign up. The other thing you could do is knock on their doors a 3 in the morning and ask them to move there car as you need to get your car out to go and get the paper! They'll soon get the message.
ABs you have several choices....

1) Walk to the paper shop you lazy fekker :lol:
2) Park close enough to her house that he can't get the hearse out without having to keep asking you to move the car...but thereagain they don't do hints do they?
3) Vent your spleen :D loudly....get the missus to drive to the paper shop and wait for her to come out to move the car.
4) Move to Tramp Hill they've knocked enough houses down by now for you to park a bus outside your house!

What does the winner of the 'best suggestion' competition get??
Speak to the police give them the reg make/model fo the offending car it will soon be moved or a quick scrape up the side or brake fluid on tthe paint work will soon show them the errors of their way
I had the same problem with one of my neighbours. Despite him having a driveway and a garage,which the rest of us dont, he insists on parking on the roadside. My son parked his car in the space which caused the neighbour to play musical parking, as soon as my son moved his car, the neighbour would run out and park his car there etc...That is until i hammered on his door and took his head off :lol: Problem solved. :D
bossyboots said:
That is until i hammered on his door and took his head off :lol: Problem solved. :D
Did you use an axe, or the old stand by of the 12 bore at close range?

How long did you get for it?
My vocal abilities were suffice. On this occassion i think it took him 48 hours to recover :lol:
bossyboots said:
My vocal abilities were suffice. On this occassion i think it took him 48 hours to recover :lol:
I've heard of people shattering glass with their voice, but making someone's head explode is quite a feat!

Do you have any video footage?
It can be done if your a tyke :lol:
Some thermite on the bonnet should help. The message will be clearly understood, although you'll have to push the car out of the way after...
brake fluid :wink:
neighbour who insists on parking in front of your driveway?!

Technically the Highway Code is being broken.

The Highway Code

“DO NOT PARK in front of an entrance to a property” - Highway Code point 217
First things first, please do not over react. I know the feeling, you are running late for work, and you need to get to that all important appointment and next door have parked in front of your drive so you can get out.

So take a deep breath and knock on your Neighbours door and politely ask them to move their car.

If your neighbours are decent they will move their car and ensure they don’t park there again!

But maybe they are not decent neighbours?!

So what do you do? Well you could write them a letter and point out they are breaking the highway code, if that doesn’t work then maybe a quiet word with the local police officer or traffic warden will do the trick.

Really, you want to try and sort this situation out before it escalates too much and to something that can’t be fixed.

There are no easy answers here I am afraid; if you feel you can’t talk to your neighbours please consider mediation services, your local council or CAB will be able to point you in the right direction.

The main points to remember are:

Be polite at all times with your neighbour, getting irate will not improve the situation and may make your neighbour less inclined to see it your way.

Follow the Highway Code, just because your neighbour does not follow it does not mean you should sink to their level, maybe you can lead by good example!

Drive and park as you would expect others to drive and park….and that’s in the good way not the bad way!

Point 216: You MUST NOT park in parking spaces reserved for specific users, such as Orange Badge holders or residents, unless entitled to do so. Law RTRA sects 5 & 8.

Point 217: DO NOT park your vehicle or trailer on the road where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or other road users. For example, do not stop:

Near a school entrance

Anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services

At or near a bus stop or taxi rank

On the approach to a level crossing

Opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space

Near the brow of a hill or hump bridge

Opposite a traffic island or (if this would cause an obstruction) another parked vehicle

Where you would force other traffic to enter a tram lane

Where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users

In front of an entrance to a property

On a bend
What is this?...Pentwyn does the highway code?..did you rush out to WH Smith for a copy of it specially to copy and paste on here??
For all of us drivers who have no fekkin idea what the highway code is, we should all take a bow to our resident troll for enlightening us!!! :twisted:
We have the same problem where I live.I live in a Cul-de-sac with a main coast road at the bottom.People living on the main road park on both sides of the narrow enterance to my road,effectively blocking it.A eek or two ago,the council bin men could'nt get down our road because of these w*****s parking there,consequently,the bins were'nt emptied that week so,the next week the bins were literally overflowing with sh1te & the bin men would'nt lift half of them!! (H&S rasons or some other b******!)
Went for the paper today & there's a nice,shiny Dagenham Dustbin (Vauxhall) with no drivers door mirror on it ! (mirror shell was lying feet away) Mind you,the tw** who drive's it does part a foot or so away from the kerb!
spike..i suggest you send our resident troll over to sort your parking problems out, after all she IS the expert in this field :lol:
bossyboots said:
spike..i suggest you send our resident troll over to sort your parking problems out, after all she IS the expert in this field :lol:
I dont think the PSNI or the town could handle THAT sort of torment! :lol: Drumcree,anyone??????
you could always leave a 2 nails under each tyre back and front, be sure to remove any eveidence when he has driven off if not all them has gone in
or a glass pop bottle :wink:

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