What is it with bone rules ??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Silent, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. We have a new RSM new in this week and one of the first things we cannot do is wear Lowa, Altberg or Hi-Tec boots. We have to wear issue only!

    How much does that Suck!
  2. Ahhhh! Never mind. What about Magnums? They are issue.

    PS. Which lucky unit is this?
  3. How much do you want for them?.
    That is why your moaning isnt it!!.
  4. Oh is that all??

    And there I was thinking you were going to contribute something worthwhile to the Corps forum...

    If you have a new badge then obviously he his stamping his authority on his camp, no doubt in few months things will die down a little and your boots can come back out to play!

  5. Why do you need gucci boots to walk around Thiepval Barracks, I take it that is where you are. Always worn issue boots myself, not a problem, but then maybe I was born with 2 left feet or I am too tight to go out and buy a pair off gucci boots :lol:
  6. Don't worry, in a few months time, you may even have got used to wearing issued boots :lol: Stranger things have happened :twisted:

    Ghost :wink:
  7. Have you just come out of the factory? You must have or you would know that this is the sort of thing that all new badges do to make their mark and perhaps introduce some uniformity, or is this a new concept for you?

    Are issue boots not good enough for strolling around camp? Or do you have parades in wet, muddy fields? Just a thought.

    I don't have a problem with guys buying gucci kit for the field, makes sense to me to be comfortable in the middle of soggy Sennybridge. I do however, object to this type of kit being worn in barracks as some sort of status symbol.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    It is 'cos he/she is a Mod :wink:

    Note to Mods this is often classed as humour guys
  9. There ain't too many units in NI. Hardly a brainteaser working out which one has a new badge eh?
  10. What else can't you wear - non-issue smocks? Get used to it; it's part of the posting cycle.

    It's is just the same as a new OC reinventing the wheel when s/he arrives, which was exactly the same wheel that the last OC reinvented when they arrived at the unit, and the OC before that.
  11. Sorry, I echo what was said by Darth_Fokker. Why do you need such kit in barracks?

    All very well in the field, any fool can rough it, but in barracks uniformatity is not bad. Next you'll be wanting to pull you Kalvin Kleign thong up over your stable belt or wear your gucci Nike 1 trainers to PT!!! Don't tell me your one of these tits who wear a chain the size of the Titanics anchor chain around your neck whilst in uniform?

    Forget about the badge sunshine pray I'm never your Troopy!!!

    You big timing walt!!!

    I've bought/obtained some gucci kit, like a COP vest, long Gore-tex, wind proof and some nice Thor-Lo socks from the PX with cushioning on the shin (the absolute bol1ocks for tabbing) but I don't wear them in camp. Seems like a waste, you'll only wear them out.
  12. Whats the problem w/ non issue kit. Its still black boots and its still the same DPM pattern, so why not? Biffs get to wear magnums or whatever they wear so why can't the rest of us? Issue jackets are crap, everyone knows this and while im in the bitching mood whats the deal with wearing a belt round ur jacket???? Sorry but belts are for holding up pants, nuff said.
  13. Belts over jacket???? March yourself off to the jail!!! Makes you look like a twat!
    I've only ever worn issue boots because i'm a tight arrse. Still have a pair of BCH from my inf days and I find these are great in the field once you add a decent insert. OK i'm not to keen on the current boot but hell I'll wear that around camp to save the expensive private purchase for IF I feel they are needed in the field.

    Why won't the razza let you wear your own stuff round camp??
    Who knows but he is god so just do as your told and wind your neck in!
    If you become worthy of wearing the badge it's something you can look forward to doing to the crow's however, if a nasty man not letting you wear your nice boots is worthy of a good moan I think you should avoid the RD route..
  14. Or maybe you could just sign off and then never have to wear a belt over a jacket ever again! Yea I like that idea
  15. Its the reason so many people do sign off. Coz of bone rules that people have no need to implement other than to give themselves a rise and make themselves feel important.

    There are far to many K**B heads in the Army who feel it necessary to F**K people about when there is no need too. I am a fan of discipline yes but when it starts to get petty then that is when I have a problem.

    Well theres my rant of the year out the way! LMAO

    It will never change so no point harping on about it. Just pay me at the end of the month and I will be happy enough.