What is it with Ad Astra

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by eye_spy, May 24, 2006.

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  1. He obviously crashed and burned in the CCS part of the A3 (OPMI 3 for those new to the Corps)

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  2. Feels vastly inferior to our professionalism and can only make up for his short fall by making snide

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  3. He was binned/shunned by an Int Corps female

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  4. He was binned/shunned by an Int Corps male

  1. Just wanted to guage other Arrsers opinions on the little tit. This guy obviously has some form of chip on his shoulder against our beloved Corps.
  2. Got to agree with you on this one. He is a little tit!! Probably realised that RAF Int is very limitied, but can't get out. Is jealous of Int Corps coz he was blown out or failed an "All Arms" course.
  3. He is blue and annoying. Like waking up to find your girlfriend dead.
  4. Better than waking up and finding she is ugly :p
  5. I say burn the witch!!!

    I know you're back and posting etc etc etc zzzzz ZZZ
  6. I'd have to say all off the above with the exception of being shunned by a female! Although as I said in an earlier post, he probably failed the army entrance test (which means he couldn't even make the Pioneers) and was sent downstairs to the RAF careers office......
  7. well the tw*t only spouts off in this forum so obviously an Int Corps jealousy thing going on...

    Did laugh when the poll results came in at 100% (at time of posting) that AdA is a rejected little mincer. Ive had my doubts for some time, and strongly suspect that he lost out to an Int Corps soldier in a 'love interest' in what used to be the thursday night shagfest in abbotts. By lost out, I mean, he stood in the corner wistfully gazing at a young lady(or young man...) he thought he would/should be with, while someone from the Corps actually spoke to AdA's 'love interest', chatted them up, and did the deed. All too common Im afraid.

    I ]shudder to think he has obtained SNCO rank and a similar situation has played out in the WOs and Sgts Mess...

    On the other hand I am not entirely convinced AdA is not a complete fiction...a windup to see who will bite. Surely no-one would post his drivel and mean it ?
  8. what is there to say. he's always been a facking mong. but what sparked this latest interest?
  9. CR, Read the Dining in D Int thread.
  10. i did, just didn't know if there was any more to it.
  11. Does there need to be any more in it? What more reasons do we need? The guy is a tit, plain and simple.
  12. fuckk him, not important enough to waste any time on.

    i would rather go on exercise for a fortnight during the World Cup than worry about some insignificant crab :)

    that subject almost deserves a thread of its own...
  13. Would that be 2 MI Bn Ex or a real one???? :p:p:p
  14. Ooh, it's very, very real :)
  15. Go on CR, spill. You know you want to............