What is it really like?

Hi, I'm wondering whether or not to join the RAMC as a medical officer for a future career, I've read about all the benefits, extra training and so on. I've been to army career days and I've read those pamphlets you get while you're there.

I'm planning to apply for a medical cadetship for university, but I have to ask, What is it really like being a RMO or Medical Officer in Emergency Medicine in the Army?

I asked a MSO if he thought that the doctors enjoyed their job, he said that he couldn't really tell, because some do and some don't.

(please don't give me links to the page on the mod site where it tells of peoples experiences...............I've already read them, twice.)

Thank you
Contact AMD, arrange an aquaint visit and youll be able to ask some MOs yourself either while visiting one of the units or at the dinner night when they ship some in for you to talk to.
If you're not in medical school then wait before you get the cadetship. I arrived unsure about the army, and now I'm set on orthopaedics or emergency I'm certain about it. I lost some bursary money, but I feel much more confident about my decision now I know my specialty.
:D Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely take it on board, especially about the acquaint visits, I live in Northern Ireland so may be a bit awkward but I'll try.

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