What Is It Like To Work For Loomis?

I came across a job advert for a Cash & Valuables in Transit Driver/Guard working for Loomis. I know all about the role but I don't know much about the work conditions in the company itself. The pay etc seems better than I currently earn, but it may be of little compensation too possibly poor working conditions etc. Anyone out there able to shed any light on Loomis?
I haven't worked for Loomis but I've done some work inside one of their buildings. The staff seemed happy enough and didn't appear to be overworked. If the wages are good, I'd presume that they're paying for honesty and increased personal risk above that of their rivals. That said, their vans look quite impregnable though that may not be much comfort if you're outside it.
Do not work for cash in transit ...it's a glorified dhl driver, but with management on your back all the time, too much pressure, long days sometimes, although now the industries is digi tacho and pcp controlled they are not as long.
There are lots of ex marines doing this job and even some of them can't handle it.
Don't want to put a damper on your job hunting, but you will be much happier not taking this type of job.

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