What is it like to being in the RAC The queens royal lancers

Discussion in 'RAC' started by FR_Trooper, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. thinking of joining them but dont know if they are all going to be scousers or something.

    also does anyone know which FR regiment a scot would be better joining as there isnt a scot Fr reg
  2. I could reply with a witty answer about FR and the OP, but i cant be arrsed.
  3. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Royal_Armoured_Corps_(UK)_Recruiting_areas.png
  4. That has to be one of the most cack handed recruiting maps I've ever seen I just thought the North - South divide happened - North 1RTR and South - 2RTR??? Gordon Bennet..........how to decipher that!!!!!
  5. HCav is the usual place for jocks in recce regiments , but I fucked that one off and joined an english regiment, you get some funny looks and asked the same questions alot but just crack on . Most of the QRL blokes I know come from Norfolk , Suffolk and Nottingham kinda way. Scots DG have a recce troops ( as Im so frequently told ) .
  6. Well change your name to Wanna_be FR_trooper. Then go 9th/12th. as the decent FR regiments wouldn't want you.
  7. I am very excited in joining the army as a Recce, if i pass my interview which is next tuesday and my 2 day selection i will be doing my basic training in January :D

    Can anyone tell me what life is like and how enjoyable it is, i am so hyped for it i like to hear stories of peoples lives in the Queens Royal Lancers mainly but i would like to hear stories from different Regiments as a Recce.

    Just a quick question on my b.a.r.b test i got 64% is this enough to get into the Army College in Harrogate?
  8. Where you from???
  9. West Midlands Warickshire why?

    I am 16 and i am joining in January. Not sure about the exact date though.

    You think i am taking the piss or something? If you think i am then i am sorry i gave off that impression.
  10. No, just wondering about why the QRL, however can see now. Its a good Regiment, should be :) Id say FR is the way to go.
  11. This thread is me asking what life is like in the RAC and asking for stories while the link you just posted is about asking what is the difference between a RAC recce and an Infantry Recce.
  12. RAC Recce is a job in the FR role you can go for now, Inf Recce is a specialisation you need to be in the Inf already to do. So that kind of leaves you only the one option now, unless you join Inf which will at a later date open the other option. If you really want to do a job or join a certain regiment in a country this small in comparison to others you will travel as far as need be and do whatever needs to get done.