What is it about WOs & Senior NCOs that you most admire?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Outstanding, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Is it their sardonic humour?
    That suggestion of ironic humour when they know they were right all along?
    Their brilliance with a map?
  2. Their ability not to take offence and umbridge at young subbies shooting thier little mouths off and voicing opinions on all things, backed up by zero life experience.


    Ability to wear a crown on thier arms without assuming its on thier heads.

    Can tie own shoe laces and eat din dins without a bib
  3. Excellent and you are clearly an officer of some standing?
  4. wash your mouth out
  5. You're obviously not.
  6. Obviously - sounds like that ironic humour again?
  7. You're 'obviously' a very unhappy little man. There's not many things that you don't complain about is there?
  8. I am not complaining mate simply sking a simple question, I have a great many WO and SNCO friends who I admire and am proud to have served with. Sadly there are a few bad aples both sides of a commision. I also don't think that gaining a commision is the be all and end all for a WO or SNCO, many very fine soldiers have elected not to follow that road, or have been beaten by circumstances outside of their control. they remain excellent people who, if they do have to leave the service, are a great loss and often irreplaceable. It is regretable that it reamins the small slightly twisted view that there is a huge divide amongst WO & SNCO and officers. In my view and experience - amongst the better ones nothing is further from the truth and nor will it ever be.
  9. You're always complaining. Last time round it was Military Bands.
  10. Another cheap one liner and you expect a reply on which topic. Lets just stay with the way in which our WO and SNCOs are just fantastic. I don't really understand your pain, but hope that it can either be cured or that you are simply on a major (no pun intended) wind up. Either way enjoy and I hope you regain the balance and humour that you usually display. A grumpy AB is not a pleasant site.
  11. Thanks. I'll bear that in mind.
  12. Good man, you are so much more fun when you are not slagging me off!!
  13. If he isn't slagging you he will be dobbing you into the filth......... :D
  14. Oh, i forgot about you, it was a nice moment, and your particular bitch is what exactly?
  15. I have no bitch you touchy puff.....