What is it about the middle lanes?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Devil_Dog, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. In the next few weeks, I will be running as part of an athletic competition. I will be in the 100 meter dash and the 100X4 relay.

    I have been running these races for a while now. But I notice, unless I am in the middle lanes, I always lose.

    Old timers have told me that the middle lane is blessed and that no one in the outside lanes ever wins. It has been like that since the dawn of time and it will be like that at the dusk of time.

    After watching the Olympics (even in swimming where everything is a straight shot but nobody in the outside lanes ever wins), I am convinced they are right. I could be wrong but me believes, all the races and world records were broken by middle laners.

    What is it about the middle lanes that make them special? What is it about the outside lanes that makes them a curse? Who decides what lane you run in?

    I am baffled. And strangely scared.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The reason why you keep losing is because you are a divvy.

    It's not called the middle lane, or even the fast lane, it's called the overtaking lane, and that's what you use it for. Other than that, stay in the nearside lane and keep out of the way of people going faster and overtaking.

    Aaaahhh, why, thank you my good man, my coat!
  3. Biped,

    Last time I checked, in some track and field races (like the 100 meter dash and the 100X4) you are not allowed to change lanes. You can not overtake in somebody's else lane.

    BTW, I am not a divvy.

    Just a well made athlete with questionable tendencies.
  4. Don't the lanes get filled by putting the fastest qualifiers into the middle lanes and the slowest in the outside? I am not certain, but believe that is how it is done.


    Seems it works that way. It makes sense when you think about it. This method means the fastest qualifiers are near each-other and so spur one another on. It would be unfair to have the fastest qualifier on an outside lane with the 2 slowest next to him/her. The 2nd fastest could be flanked by numbers 3 and 4.

    If that was the case, number 2 would have far more immediate motivation than number 1.

    If you are an athlete you should appreciate that.
  5. its to do with the curvature of the earth and the moons affect on the tide.
  6. Perturbed said:

    It still goes againt the whole athletic creed: "May the best man (woman) win."

    Why is it unfair to put the best qualifier on the outside lanes?

    I think it is totally wrong to make these considerations when choosing lanes because it suggests to me that certain lanes have an advantage.

    Same argument could be made about steroids. If you are doped up, we have a lane for you that will compesate for your cheating.

    Me thoughts on these is that lane choice should be random. Maybe a raffle of sorts.

    However, it still doesn't address the question: why are middle lanes better than outside lanes?
  7. You have completely missed the point.

    It boils down to this. The fastest qualifiers run next to each-other. That is done by putting the fastest qualifiers in the middle lanes.

    It makes sense.

    FFS! Number 1 is next to number 2 and 3 etc. Number 2 is next to number 1 and 4. Number 3 is next to numbers 1 and 5.

    Do you understand?

    It makes the fastest qualifiers run quicker.

    This is not rocket science. It just means that the best athletes are close to eachother. That will make them perform to their best ability. Simple.
  8. Perturbed said:

    And this is supposed to be fair how? Why not do away with the rest if you already have a whiff of who is going to win?

    It is rocket science.
  9. jarrod248,

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  10. Don't be too sure. It's either him or you. Talk among yourselves and let me know.
  11. Devil dog, you are a septic and therefore a kunt. Who gives a fukc what you think?
  12. Is this a wind-up? The fastest qualifiers run next to each-other. Therefore it is likely that the winner will be in the middle lanes.

    This done for a good reason. It means that the fastest qualifiers are not running next to the slowest qualifiers. This means that the fastest athletes are getting "pushed" rather than having a false sense of security.

    What is hard to understand about that?

    The distance is the same for everyone. It is not unfair.

    Any "whif of who is going to win" is given by qualifying times. It is not a fix.