What is it about our badged storeman

Discussion in 'RLC' started by kingsofleon, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. I went to Barnstaple to meet up with a few friends from the royal marines and while we were out I was deeply embarrased by the SQN!!!!!!! or to the rest of us the attached arms of the commando logistic regiment, what a bunch of egotistical ******* who think that an arduous course entitles them to act like COMPLETE TWATS. Apart from calling a RM CSM a hat the dross that was being spilt from there mouths was like a walter mitty convention.

    It was comical that after a tosser or should I say it like he said "im Sqn that means im badged" felt one of the wife's up and duly got spanked while his other badged SQN muppets flapped there arms around shouting SQN but doing fook all to actually proove there worth, was saying dont flash dont flash it was only a joke. The list of crap that these dicks got up to is endless and the ROYALS I was actually out with said that Ord Sqn are laughed at on a daily basis.

    when is someone in the Corps going to get a grip of these fooking muppets your not Regt your not a booty your RLC and your actually a fooking embarassment.


    Message to short etc etc
  3. Did you have the intestinal fortitude to say any thing?
  4. Did you quickly run home to post this or did you man up and speak to them?
  5. ok so what point are you trying to make, because that made no sense what so ever, did you have a couple of pints when you wrote this as it seems you are trying to put someone down, but all you have done is look like a twat because your comment reads complete tripe
  6. Typical night out in Barnstaple since 1994 I'd say. Grow a set ya big handbag.

  7. It is just an easy badge to hide behind, usually by the weaker members of CLR, the strong characters in it dont have anything to prove and will use the Squadron line very tongue in cheek. Often the insecure and weak take great strength from passing the course, nothing new been happening in Airborne and Commando circles for as long as I can remember. The weak and insecure then have the safety blanket of the badge and enclose themselves in it for warmth and security.

    Both AB & Cdo cse have created some outstanding characters but they will also turn out the odd cock or two!
  8. Well said..