What is it about Gordon Brown and cameras?



A true classic!! ---------- and suits him down to the ground. Pictue of the year award for sure. :D --- HAIL BROWN.
Never mind the one eyed twat and the obvious

Jesus, Mary and Joseph someone throw a pie at it before it has someone's :x arm off
Yep.... Gollum learns nothing.... A second attempt at being Mr Bean... as was said, maybe the largactil had worn off before the Men in White Coats could grab him... He was in front of cameras again on 'Goon-Tube...!

Looks like according to the 'Daily Hate' this morning that Missy Jacqui and the Ginger Bleares are going to be farouked off soon after the next Cabinet reshuffle...... maybe...

What the betting that Lord Mandy is behind all this.... He wants Mr Broone to look more and more like Mr Bean, a man on the edge, so he, Lord Mandy can shoe-horn his own choice in as Dear Leader soon...

Ed 'balls' Balls....... maybe..... :lol:


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Was he at some SS training school ?

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