What is Int Corps really like?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by BettyBlue, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. I'm just joining the regs, Int is my first option. Just wondering what you really do, is it really as exciting as they make it sound? I mean my recruiting sergeant used the words "sneaky beaky", so wondered if anyone could expand? Also what do you do on the week long course after selection?

    Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. evenin' CR
  3. Have you ever worked at Tesco?
  4. why does everyone assume these are me? :?

    you shag one sheep...
  5. You've shagged them all...

    ...yes, yes, we've heard it all before!

    So why do you keep going back?
  6. The Int Corps is like this. Have a good look at the attached picture. When you see something of interest come and tell, or if you like keep it entirely to yourself, maybe you could see something...

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  7. yeah, that's really not the joke...
  8. I can see it now at Corps pre selection, "So tell me do you go on the internet?" followed by "Have you ever been mistaken for CR?" as the applicant breaks down and has to be helped from the room, the interviewer shakes his head and mutters "another one" into his Coffee white n'vodka
  9. if they were mistaken for me, they probably wouldn't fit through the door of the interview room anyway :)
  10. It's in the gym at Chix...
  11. If join the Corps and eventually you change your name to Hugh Minter, you too can live in a house like this:


    Look carefully, very carefully.
  12. facking hell mate, why don't you make the picture REALLY small?

    not sure what you're getting at - are those DPM blinds? :?
  13. I think Bonzo may be refering to the bijou wall decorations by the window - very this season.
  14. Nobody else think the sofa in the kitchen is odd?

    Just me, okay.
  15. The field was named in honor of First Lieutenant Hugh C. Minter, a member of the locally prominent Minter family. The Lieutenant, a World War I veteran, was killed in a mid-air collision over March Field in July, 1932


    There's always one (and I found him)