What is happening with the Parachute Regiment?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by joshrichardson, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Despite many very interesting rumours regarding the Paras and the fact that they're apparently soon coming to an end, and the rumors that they're just not needed anymore, or even the rumors that the MoD just don't have the money to spend on them - what's happening with them? Any news?

    It's something I'm working very hard towards and you know, to have my goal blown out of the water in a few years would be pretty nasty - I don't want to wail like a baby! What are the MoD doing? Or, what can anyone predict? Scrapping, merging, downsizing, anything?
  2. We're all being sold to the Blue Oyster club for tuppence.

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  3. Troll? I want to know you absolute prat

    Honestly - I've heard enough and there isn't any news on them being minimized - what should I believe?
  4. Believe whatever rumour is flying around. Everyone else does! Nothing is happening to the Paras though eventually it looks like all three battalions may end up being SFSG like the Ranger battalions the yanks have.

    And 'prat' sounds really gay.
  5. Will that mean tougher training/selection if everything is merged into SFSG?
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  7. No. 1 PARA still go through Para depot the same as 2 and 3 PARA. No extra training is required unless you want to go there from another infantry unit then you have to complete P Company. The Marines attached have already done their commando course and the RAF Regt attached have ran their BCFT in under 33 minutes.
  8. Cheers! Sorry to come off as a tosser in the first post but I'm looking forward to my Paras career
  9. Sorted mucker. Paras will be going strong long after some other regiments have gone (been amalgamated) though no doubt someone will be along shortly telling us how crap we really are and we'll be disbanded shortly. Oh! and don't forget that we also don't jump so we're not really Paras.
  10. I'll bear that in mind - Paras are crap!

    Are they introducting simulated jumps or are the MoD too skint right now?
  11. Ask Auld Yin,he knows
  12. We're still getting jumps in a few times a year. It's not the money that is the problem it's getting hold of the aircraft.
  13. Nice Simulator - does someone come round 10 years later and smash the fcuk out of your knees for that true para experience?
  14. If it is a real challenge and sense of adventure you seek, just join the Royal Marines and don't waste time with all the P Coy and other drama.

    Getting my coat.....