What is happening to our country?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. It could well be me just getting older and seeing things in a different light, but i have noticed in the last few years that Britain as a whole has turned into some "Cosmopolitan indisciplined madhouse" that has drowned itself in red tape with a ever increasing gulf of many injustices in our society.

    I guess the question is .... Have we, or are we rapidly loosing our identity and traditions as we once knew it.

    I guess you might call it natural progression, but it looks bloody scary trying to mentally navigate through these uncharted waters, the likes of which we have never seen before.
  2. Yep. Thats more or less how it appears to me too. The same can be said of a lot of countries that I work in in terms of red tape and injustice. But then those countries don't have the benefit of a thousand years of government, a well developed civil service (which should give continuity of government, as political parties come and go in power).

    It almost seems that there is a fundamental lack of direction.

    The police (God bless them) are riddled with political correctness and social consciousness.

    The National Health Service is a bloated absorber of tax money.

    The welfare system is out of control.

    Local authorities are no longer under the control of their electorate.

    Westminster is a den of thieves and scoundrels.

    The inmates are running the madhouse.
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  3. I think it might be us that change and become more reactionary as we get older rather than societal moral degeneration.

    I can imagine our great grand fathers expressing the following views while drinking their pints of mild and smoking their pipes down the pub in 1912.

    "It almost seems that there is a fundamental lack of direction (since the Boer War finished and we got these new fangled Enfields instead of Lee Metfords).

    The police (God bless them) are riddled with socialist agitators (1919 Police strike).

    Board Schools are bloated absorbers of tax money.

    The Work Houses system is out of control.

    Local authorities are no longer under the control of their electorate as every bugger wants the vote.

    Westminster is a den of thieves and scoundrels.

    The inmates are running the madhouse. "

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
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  4. You may be right. But I think there is a need for far better direction and accountability than there ever was before. You'd think we would have have gone in that direction, but from what I see, the UK, in some respects is getting more like e.g. Vietnam.
  5. 100% Agreed ....... Materialistic greed and cravings for celebrity status are now running at epic proportions for sure, and with Westminster also being affected, i think some serious alarm bells should now be ringing.
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  6. We would be out of the house from morning til night on our push bikes, completely uncontactable, yet completely safe. We fell over at school, had fights, fell out of trees and broke bones, and went back for more once we had repaired. We could entertain ourselves with a ball for hours, and not in a rude way.

    We had some great tasting sugary sweets, and some exotic stuff as well, fake fags and Spanish Gold. What ever happened to spangles? Eh? That was the start of the countries rot when those sweets disappeared.

    We could make stuff, like go carts with the emphasis on downhill speed, and no particular thoughts about a braking system, chopper bicycles, cigarette cards held in the spokes with a peg, so as to sound like a (pretty wanky) motorcycle.

    There was no political correctness, if you offended someone, you got a smack in the gob, and apologised. No health and safety, if you went down to the gravel pits and fell in, tough shit. No child safety worries, if you grazed your knee at school, Matron was allowed to patch you up, and give you a sweetie without a hidden agenda.

    When the headmaster called for you bend over in his study, it wasn't sexual, you were about to be soundly thrashed, and it hurt, and you deserved it.

    Dad worked all day, and sometimes at night, Mum worked just as hard, but at home. Washing cleaning and cooking and being, well, a Mum.

    Racism wasn't a word we had heard of, nor was ageist, sexist or any other 'ist'.

    I loved growing up in the UK in the 60's and early 70's, it was ace.

    But now?

    I hate even visiting the old country now, and I very rarely do and that's a shame.
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  7. The waggon wheels. You all forgot to mention the size of waggon wheels.
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  8. and another thing. All this bollocks about sweets being bad for yer teeth. I used to eat a quarter of pineapple chunks just about every day and at weekends went to bed muching sweethearts and, yes, spangles. At 62 years old I still have nearly all me own teeth.
  9. Fucks sake, where have you been for the last 14 years?

    All of what you say is due to the EU and Labours policy of mass immigration and ridiculous PC policies that they implemented during their time in power.
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  10. So, if ex pats are saying it.. can't you see where it went wrong?
  11. I was thinking along a similar vein to the OP recently.

    Direction and leadership are strongest against a common threat. Think of the political leadership on offer, after the introduction of universal suffrage, during the late 1930s-1940s and during the periods outside of detante. Listen to the speeches of Churchill, Thatcher, Reagan, Macmillan, Eisenhower and you have some forthright, concise direction. Of course you have to lean to this political direction to enjoy it but everyone can agree they led.
  12. Whatever the reason, I think we agree that things are in decline.

    I remember many years ago when I was a Lcpl home from Germany on leave - it would have been around 1970 - I was driving in Sheffield in me old mans car when another car ignored a stop sign and piled into the side of me old mans car.

    Ambulance called for the other blokes passenger, a bird with no teeth but lots of blood, as she had participated in a dashboard / head interface situation at the moment of impact.

    The old bill arrived and arrested the other bloke for driving without due care or whatever and then came my turn. Having explained who I was and what I was doing and been able to produce a red book driving license, MOD form 90, insurance papers etc, the coppers asked me what I wanted doing with my, now, banana shaped car.

    Better tow it away I said. Righto, said a copper, "which firm do you want to do the towing, there are several, you choose and I'll get the station to give them a ring for you, as your car is blocking a busy road. I picked a firm at random from a list typed on police headed paper and the blubottle got on with it.

    A couple of days later I got a visit from a police inspector to tell me that the other bloke had been drinking, was driving a borrowed car, wasn't insured and had numerous driving convictions, and that he was being charged with a G1098 list of offences.

    "One other thing" said the Inspector. "Did you choose the company that towed your car away, or did one of my officers choose it?" he asked.

    I told him I chose it from a list provided by the officers.

    Just checking he said.

    The last time I had anything to do with the UK police was probably a year or more ago when I was a witness to an attempted suicide, assault on the police and a bit of affray. A copper asked me if I would make a statement and I said I would.

    later on as the would-be suicide was being taken to hospital another copper came to see me and said "My colleagues tell me that you are not willing to make a statement".

    I said that this was not the case.

    Ah he said, thanks.

    Later on the first copper came back and asked me if I had changed my mind about giving a statement. He told me that the second copper had told him that I was no longer willing to make a statement.

    If that is an example of British policing today, its a real shame.

    I prefer Dixon of Dock Green.

    Awaiting incoming indignation from the dont-disrespect-the-police-arrse-rent-a-mob
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  13. Interesting, I once got arrested on a Yank camp in Bosnia (Tuzla) for having an expired ID. I also had an in date ID. The MP asked me why I had the expired ID. I said, that when I went to get a new one, they didn't take it off me...or cut the corners off as was the practice at the time. Anyway, I got the full flashing light escort to the MP station and in the interview room the interviewer said, "Why did you tell MSgt Blah that this expired ID is not your ID". I said "Why would I say that? It has my name, DOB and picture of me on it". "Well MSgt Blah stated that you stated that it wasn't your ID". I said "Listen, do you think anyone is going to be so stupid as to say its not their ID when their name, DOB and picture is on it? You can quite clearly see that the expired ID and the in date ID are exactly the same apart from the expiry date and you can clearly see the picture on both IDs is of my face. So I put it to you that MSgt Blah is clearly lying".

    Anyway, it looks to me from your story and Blairs US arse kissing policy of trying to make Britain like the US that British policing is emulating yank policing.
  14. You wont get a reply from along those lines.
  15. my reply was meant for eodmatt.