what is happening to me

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jesusjones, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. i am man of excess, ill do a ten miller twice a week and in between go through a bottle of jack daniels , i also take what would be called recreational drugs, i feel im a man of extremes and unable to live within normal lifes parameters, ill run until it hurts, drink/drugs until im unconscience, work that much that ill forget to eat. i recently got on a push bike and had to peddle as fast as i could, i couldnt just peddle along happily.

    your thoughts, advice or abuse welcome.

    i wasnt always like this, i thought i better add im forty and id like to add a war pensioner.

    redress:- war disablement pension, not to put me on a par with our real heros, the old timers and the young lads today.
  2. Might as well hang yourself now, no normal person would take it to this extreme, Your obviously a man of pure iron who knows what he wants in life, Applied for the SAS yet?
  3. Go back to Russia you communist sh1tstabber.
  4. Nothing out of the ordinary,I've got a 70 year old ex RAF mate who stood in front of 2 Atomic detonations who does the same sort of thing.
  5. That's very, very funny.

    You sound perfectly normal to me. I used to be like that but I give less of a fcuk about things now. Wife gets all worried if a bill isn't paid immediatley, I just pop it in the drawer and forget about it until I'm in the mood and ask for a blowjob with odds at 5000/1 of getting one. Not a bill paying mood, just an 'I'm a little bit arrsed now, better do some admin while the iron's hot and I've found my cheque book' sort of mood.

    This morning I was walking to work and came across a horse on the pavement. It had got out of its field.
  6. i drink like im still in the naffi, i dont go on corporate doos cos i know il get smashed and chin the area manager, ive offered out four people at work ( this is an office job in blue chip country , just not done),
    you just feel like fucking it all off. anyway, il stop winging.
  7. its called a mid life crisis,( or second childhood ), just going through mine now
  8. thanks terrible, you just made me feel a lot better, im not alone.
  9. BBR? Sven? Is that you?
  10. Can't see a problem myself. I live in exactly the same way with the exception of the running.
  11. Short answer? Nothings happenings to you, you're just a cunt. You've always been a cunt, and you will continue to be a cunt.
    Hope this helps.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I got out of bed this morning, late, and not because I'm superman, it's just because, well, I dunno, maybe I'm going through a phase or something. Maybe I'm just as rebelious as Steve McQueen, and maybe I cn take an extra 10 mins in bed because I wake up looking a million dollars! You know how it is, 10 minutes to pluck sh!t, pick your nose, brush the quiff back - well, I don't need to.

    I'm truly glad that I'm not the only one going through this, and there's sufferers just like me out there.

    Sandman - I too am a cunt. Does that mean I can cycle really quickly?
  13. Hear you friend . Itoo am an adrenaline/food/booze/ pot/coke and cigs addict. All in moderation, of course.A man of strong will who canlive life to his fullest, yet still curtail his habits when they become problematic is a better and fuller man than a teetotalling risk-averse Victorian wanker anyday.
  14. good call flag man, hey its not big or clever but its as part of life as a pint of milk, and that is how it is in a lot of places, we need to inspire our disinfranchised learderless young men, they want to do things but they see no light at the end of the tunnel
  15. fuck pig fart