Ok, we've all read what some perceive as the worst things happening to the Corps.
Tell me its not all bad right, what are we doing right??
Actually repairing vehicles and equipment is fantastic.
Having a beer at the end of a hard exercise or deployment is great.
Doing a bit of sport every once in a while is good.
Working with the fantastic tradesmen we have is priceless.
Working with the new guys and bringing them on is a challenge but very rewarding.

Anything else anyone?
The free clothes, no wait, they all get them.

The badge, its very shiney............... no, wait, they all get them as well......

The pay its waaay better then everyone else's cos we work so hard...., errrr no, wait, they caught up after pay 2watsit.......

Yep, got it - The wagons - CRARRV and WR 512/513 are waaaaaaaaay cooler then anyone else's kit.

And there my REME chums is the best bit about it at the moment - we look cooler in our trucks than anyone else..... (unless you dont have a CRARRV or WR, then you dont.......)
WE all know that deep down inside we are the BEST!!!!!!!!!
WE all know that we can give our Regiments what they what!!!!!!!
We all know that the tradesmen we are getting can do it!!!!!!!!
WE are just not allowed. full fcuking stop
Picatinny_Rail said:
What's good? Well the whole Army is going to the dogs not just our corps, so we are not going to go to hell in a hand cart alone! :twisted:
I can see your reasoning Picatinny.

It sometimes feels like the Corps is a bobsleigh: there is a guy at the front who claims to be the driver; he may steer us left and right a bit with Lean and changes to CEGs; but we are all stuck on the course that the Army has pushed us down. The combination of ever changing government policy, money saving measures and the fiasco known as Pay2000 just seems to hit a Corps of intelligent, professional and well qualified individuals more than most.

Don't misunderstand me, i do think as a Corps we still offer a lot to individuals, so why do so many people in the Corps feel undervalued? We offer very good opportunities for continued professional development (a lot more than some Corps), especially through the qualifications offered by our trade schools, but these will only truely benefit you once you have been tossed on the scrap heap after 22 years (without a Corps presentation :evil: :x ); you get little in the way of tangible benefits and rewards for them whilst serving.

When you look back at Op tours and your time in the Corps you have a jaded view and mostly remember the good times; so why in the present do we always focus on the bad points? I don't know the solution and, like everyone else in the back of the bobsleigh, i have no input whatsoever in the direction the Corps is taking. Like most folk in the Corps i am just doing my job to the best of my ability whilst looking forward to the time when i can move on to my next career :D
To be honest, I think most REME blokes hate the fact that when the regiment knocks off, we're still grafting getting the hours down. Do we get thanks for working every hour god sends for the weekly figures? Most don't.

A lot of guys are becoming increasingly jaded/urined off due to lack of recognition for not only doing their job, but doing it out of hours.

Sure, the REME ethos is work hard, play hard, but there are limits to what we can do. A lot of shop floor managers will see the hours and insist that the target is 'this and that' and not give a second thought to what the guys doing the work actually think.

Whatever happened to morale? Trainsets is probably a key word in the REME today. Most managers are after their own self-preservation/CR, and that's to the detriment of the newer guys coming through. Occasionally you will get a gem of a boss who is 110% for the lads and their morale, but I honestly think that there are too few of em nowadays....

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