What is GOOD about the Corps???

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Numptynuts, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. Enough negatives are spoken about the largest Corps in the British Army. Let's see if certain posters can dredge up something positive for once!

    I will start.

    The Corps tie is super.

  2. Most of it's soldiers, many of it's officers.

    And the ODPS
  3. The RLC Open Day

    I challenge any other Arm or Service to even try and compete with our Senior Officers Blazers
  4. The way you up the Armys profile, and overall % as an equal opportunity employer?
  5. Jamaican drivers, "Nooo dis respec Cpl but me ain't gettin out ma cab blud, Go axe me man infront".
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  6. The people, opportunity and variety...
  7. Corps tent at Twickenham is pretty good most years.

    The birds are mostly hot too.
  8. Fixed that for you......
  9. The Corps has many fine, upstanding, erudite Gentlemen able to converse, debate and wax lyrical about the finer points of life.

    It also has Stacker1! ; )
  10. It pays the bills but sadly gives you absolutely no credibility Army wide.

    regrettably you can't polish a turd. However after reading a couple of these post it would appear that you can roll it in glitter.
  11. fecking hell what are you drinking in that tent????
  12. In an all-arms unit I like the way the drivers make me look awesome without me having to put any effort in when it's SJAR time.
  13. RLC Sqn parade ....

  14. The really scary thing is where I work that isn't too far from the truth.
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  15. fixed that for you its what you really meant

    I love the way the Corps is one big team no divisions between STAB and ARABS, Trogs, stackers, chunks, fag ops, stinking fuelys, slopos and the useless cuntflaps of movers , officers and ORs airborne or pieborne members of our happy family
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