What is going on

C mon then whats going on. Everywhere in the corps I have been in last few weeks all peeps have said is " we not sure or I don't know" so what is happening ?. gaz dead? lynx ermm not sure? jobs for people? planks on uprise? Apache ??? has anyone a clue cause we haven't up north thats for sure.
heh heh heh....what is going on...
At present there are number of issues that need to be resolved. CDS and CGS are at loggerheads over how they see the AH side of life.
There are two options on the table. Option B1 is a 2/2 format which I believe involves 2 AH regiments with Lynx Embedded Squadrons with 4 Regt not converting. The other option is that 4 regt will convert and lose a Lynx Squadron.
654 are paving the way to be the first AH Squadron in the Regt.

The problem is that CGS changes shortly and the person taking over (Gen Dannat I think) has very different ideas of how to run things than the current CGS. This means that there is no direction at present from the top. Last week a meeting went ahead to try and resolve this issue which has effectively paralysed things resulting in a lot of speculation on these boards and withingregiments across the Corps.

After block leave a more clear idea is anticipated by this callsign.

Unfortunately, there is no news until then.

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