What is going on with Bassingbourne intakes?

Hey guys,

I have seen a few posts on here where people have been told you wont get a place in the RE until at least next year. However, RE seem to be getting places allocated this year and in some numbers.

Does anyone know why this is? Is it a coincidence that many people are dropping out before they reach Phase One or do the Army suddenly need an influx of tradesmen? I'm not complaining as I'm starting soon but curiosity is getting the better of me.
Correct nearly all trades are full now until early next year, you will however get some applicants who drop out for personal reasons plus those who get caught lying on medicals and on crime, once ATRs recieve the Med Docs from GPs or the Recruiters recieve the Disclosure Scotland forms back some Potential Soldiers are taken off their allocated spot or even Discharged from their first week in training. On another thread someone is wondering if they should lie on an opticians form about laser surgery....up to them and they may get through the process same as with any medical matter but they will get caught eventually same with not disclosing crime on their Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 493...but once the Disclosure scotland form comes back and the truth is out (sometimes it wouldn't of stopped them) but seeing they lied then they could be booted off and those at the top of the awaiting allocations for that job will get an Op Rocket and get a last minute place.

So INTEGRITY through out as its a bit dissapointing being kicked out on week one for lying on your application.
just a question about the rehabilitation offenders act does this class as driving offences like speeding or driving without insurance when you get points on your licence?
Speeding fines are ok but its all on a totting up of criminal convictions, but also remember your points on your licence could prevent you going certain jobs especially if your under 21. Just check with your Recruiter who will inform you if there are any issues, as long as your honest with him he can check alls well....if you lie to him then get caught out later then it could be an issue as when you are allocated a job and your Disclosure Scotland comes back and highlight convictions you havent made them aware of on either your Driving licence or 493 then the RG caseworker could bring your integrity into it. And yes those who have lied and eventually caught out have been booted out the Army in phase 1 and Phase 2 training when its come to driver training and points havent been disclosed.
ah right, i am being totally honest through my application i have put down i have 9 points on my licence but was just checking incase this is classed as a criminal conviction also i have been NFA of attempted burglary and affray but the attempted burglary was actually sitting in a friends house and someone thought we broke in and the affray was wrong place at the wrong time, will these have to go down on the form?
Best not speak about it on here...just take your RAP sheet to the ACIO and discuss it with them and they can let you know once theyve seen all the evidence.

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