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What is G3?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speed_Air_Man, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. Just been reading the greatest threads thread (eh?) and there is one regarding G3 snobbery. What is G3? Sorry for being a slow grenade and possibly posting in the wrong forum (again!)

  2. Sam,

    Just to really confuse you -

    'If you ain't G3, you ain't!'

    ARRSErs - bring it on! :D
  3. And you ain't no-one in the puzzle palace :lol:
  4. Just really confuse you

    A G3 is a 7.62 rifle made by H&K
  5. G3
    General staff, job.
    Be kind to newbee week.
  6. In the US Army G-3 is responsible for Operations and Training at division level up to HQ DA/ Army Staff.

    J-3 is the Joint Staff version.
    In the USAF its A-3 and USN its N-3.
  7. G1 Personnel & Discipline
    G2 Intelligence
    G3 Operations
    G4 Combat Service Support/Logistics

    it goes all the way down to G9 and incorporates training, finance, civ/mil liason and all that good stuff that falls into pure staf work. G is the designation used for the Army, A for RAF, N for RN, and J for joint ops. So if you are the SO2 G4 (Plans) DLog it means you are a Major in a staff job at Director Logistics HQ that deals with logistic planning.

    The full list of designations can be found by clicking HERE

    As for G3 snobbery, it's just the inf grunts trying to impress by sugesting that because they didn't do well enough at school to avoid being consistently shot at they they are somehow superior to the rest of us.
  8. Jst to add to Wooperts' excellent post, this is the lastest iteration of G1-9 staff branches:

    G1 – Personnel and Administration
    G2 – Intelligence and Security
    G3 – Operations
    G4 – Logistics
    G5 – Plans and Policy
    G6 – Communications and Information Systems
    G7 – Doctrine and Training
    G8 – Resources and Finances
    G9 – Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC)

    Note that the main changes from previous versions are the creation of a wholly separate 'Training' branch (which has lead to the creation of truly bizarre SO2/3 posts such as SO3 G2/G7 IM); and the effect this re-org will have on staff post nomenclature generally i.e. only one title is required for evey post, as Woopert alludes to above. In effect, the line between Ops and Plans for every discipline has become blurred.

    Re: G3 snobbery - Woopert's summation is masterly, if a trifle condescending! :oops:
  9. G3 snobbery - generally applied by pish and vinegar new captains who have a basic understanding of the Mission and Concept of Ops paras in O groups, but whose eyes glaze over in co-ord instructions and lose focus entirely in service support, leaving them exposed to 'lacks an understanding of the integrated all arms battle' comments in OJARs. Characterised in the guise of numerous ex-infantry toffs (called Giles) who now work for merchant banks because it 'all got a bit difficult when I got promoted to be honest' and numerous RLC subbies (called Wayne) left at an empty rolling replen RV with no-one coming to them because no-one wrote down where it was. And by massive f~ck-ups at the SPOE and tailbacks out of Umm Qasr.
  10. "generally applied by pish and vinegar new captains who have a basic understanding of the Mission and Concept of Ops paras in O groups, but whose eyes glaze over in co-ord instructions and lose focus entirely in service support......

    F'kin Amen stabtastic.

    We should invent a new phrase G4 snobbery - but the Inf and Cav wouldn't get it........
  11. I believe that the mantra being taught at LWS is that 'CSS is a G3 function' so in a way, you're already getting your wish! :D
  12. Speaking as an infantryman who works with the world of G4.

    Logistics is the interface between G3 and reality.

    No matter how good the plan, how whizzo super the tactical and strategic thinking or how concise and word perfect the staffwork, if you aint got the kit, ammo and fuel you are up the famous creek minus useful implement of propulsion.
  13. you SURE youre infantry mushroom? you dont 'alf talk proper!
  14. I went to school before the reformers improved our educational system.
  15. I understand a lot of infantry officers passed the entrance requirement to go to "Reform School" :lol: