What is funding needed for?


I throw myself upon your mercy.

I have been approached by an organisation that has £3-4k a year that they would like use to improve the lives of Tommy Atkins.

After several discussions about direction and how to use it the following arose.

They want the help to be Direct Aid and help individuals, not sitting as part of a large charity budget.

As far as is feasible all cash to go direct to recipient not spent on admin costs.

It is not intended to start up another charity or impinge on what is already out there, however I feel they need a business plan/charter and would happily accept any advice on this.

Realise that in the big scheme of charity donations this is a drop in the ocean however if you wanted to help as many squaddies and their families as possible where would you spend the money?

All requests for Playstations, free night in the bar and new cars expected however hopefully nil responce will not offend.

The floor is now yours..........................
Use it to help families with costs of visiting wounded and injured service personnel in hospital. This would help pay travel and overnight accommodation costs. Present allowances are little and not enough.
I think there would be many uses for the money and all deserving.

I use Combat Stress so am declaring an interest :)

The Library at the Audley Court Combat Stress Center could do with some newer books. After you've been a few times you've read all the ones worth reading.

This may well apply to all the homes used for treatment, not just Combat Stress. I don't know but St Dunstans might need some books in Braille or books on tape.

Anyway just a thought.

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