what is fitness?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by CivPlod, May 19, 2011.

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  1. Ok,

    the question is what is fitness?

    From reading some of the posts on this site it would appear that a chap who cant run 1.5 mile in under ten and half mins is a fat bastard/STAB bastard. Which has led me to question my own level of fitness, since I transferred to the TA.

    I am a self confessed shit runner, at 32 the best I can do the 1.5 in is 11mins bang on, consistently. When I was 21, it was 10.10. However, at 14 stone with a general 12% body fat, height 5ft 10, I wouldn't consider myself fat. I cycle to work, 12 miles in about 38 mins give or take a minute given the weather, and the same coming home 4 times a week, whilst working the traditional three shifts. I hit the judo mat for approx 3.5 hours a week. I can easily go 5x5 min rounds on the mat in succession with the other Dan grades, which is no easy feat. I can rattle out 100 press ups and 35 pull ups.

    So, are you a shit runner but generally fit in other ways? I.E Top notch swimmer, kayaking etc

    PTIs, is there an acceptance that some people are crap runners? How do you motivate them or do you see that they aren't unfit per se?

    What do you as an individual consider is "fitness"?

    PS, I have no issues with the CFT times. Just interested in whether or not I am the proverbial fat STAB!

  2. You may not be fat, or particularly unfit but you run like a girl. You may be able to Judo me to death if you catch me but heres the thing....... you cant catch me you lardy stab barsteward.

    Even if caught red-handed all the criminals have to do is set off at a leisurely jog and laugh as you puff along turning interesting shades of red.

    Move away from the doughnuts little piggy.

  3. Thats what probationers are for! Shhh don't tell anyone.
  4. What is fitness ? Good question, I run 3 times a week and go to the gym once a week on average. I can run a 49:30 10k ( or 6 miles fact fans) do a 7:15 minute miles and pass a pfa.

    My body fat percentage is 22 % because to be honest I love to eat crap, and I've not cracked the MSFT ..yet.

    Am I therefore unfit
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    hmm. A better question might be, why do you need fitness, and what for?

    OK, thats two questions. But I know fat fucks who are nails in any close quarter situation, and pumped up muscle boys I would not trust to see me Mam over the road.

    So, I would ask, what is the puropose of fitness? Answer that and you have answered 'what is fitness for'.
  6. I presume then you are hitting about 10.50/5 on the mile and a half? And if the 69 means your year of birth, then no I wouldn't say you are unfit for a 42 year old. But then I wouldn't like to pass authoritative comment on anyone's fitness level.
  7. One should also ask - Fit for what purpose? Medical, mental and physical fitness are all key attributes.
  8. Ironduke, I suppose in many ways that is what I'm asking as well. The radio advert just now talks about the average soldier running 1.5 in 9.15, but the law of averages means that A)there must be some right fast people bringing that average down coupled with B) the slow fucks(me) bringing it up. You know, as in A runs it in 6 mins, B runs it in 7, C runs it in 8, D runs it in 10 and E runs it in 11 the average being then 8.4 mins which neither of them runs it in? But having been at Tulliallen with ex Inf Regs who blew the arse off me at the run, as discussed above with my time when I was 21(11 years ago), its became a sort of perpetuating myth to me thereafter that all squaddies are super fit. Whereas now working with ex drop shorts, scaley backs and RLCs on the shift they all say they were hitting my time or there about at my age. My run times never bothered in the RNR or the police, but as I say coming to the TA, has led me to question my running as I don't want deployed and having a reg have a dig at my run time and saying I'm a fat lazy C yoU Next Tuesday, when in reality I don't think I am.
  9. agreed, SBM. There's an ex reg RM on my shift who said a guy in his troop ran the mile and a half in Lympstone in 6 mins! He did however drop out in week 10 or something, if I remember the story right, because he couldn't handle the mental pressure or run with a load apparently.
  10. Why the F' are sit ups part of a fitness, assessment, I was once a rather fit individual and yet Ive never been able to get a 300 club score for sit ups, what is more is the 300 club guys would all die before me on actual applicable phys, casualty drags, firemans carries, or jsut general chucking heavy things around stuff.

    Im not fit - but it did piss me off that a competely arbitrary contraction of my stomach muscles was deemed to be more indicative of my fitness than my ability to dig a shell scrape quickly or carry kit.
  11. What, four minute miles? You sure he didn't mean six minute-mile pace? That's quite impressive for a whole troop to manage
  12. I run four miles three times a week with 15kg in day sack averaging 40 mins, rock climb twice a week (lead climb 24 mtr walls indoor). I am 6'2" a built like a number 8 and consider myself fit, but my 1.5 mile time currently is 10.10 no matter how hard i go struggle to get under that. I am 36.
  13. I'm a Civvy, now and if I had to run for a Bus, I'd catch the next one.

    I could not understand the 'Racing Snake' mentality at all, if I had 11mins to complete a run,

    I made sure I TOOK 11mins.

    Did it earn you 'Brownie' points or promotion, not in my day, it didn't.
  14. fezzick, definitely a 4 minute mile, it has forever remained in that marines head how quick he was, we have a former champion runner in our station, shouldnt be too hard to find, (but persec and all) that the marine questioned about his own time, never mind that chap. The marine was told his time was good enough to go on the circuit and that this chap should have been picked up as a child and coached to Olympic gold.....but he must have slipped through the net as a child.

    edit to say, have I used the right terminology? When I mean troop, I mean his intake!!! It was a 6 min 1.5 personal best during the time he was there.
  15. No mile and a half is 11:34 at the moment but looking at those times 10:39=0 isnt far off, my DOB is '68