What is everyones 3 choices

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Out of curiosity and interest, whats everones 3 choices

Mine are:

1: Royal Engineers - Fitter
2: Paras
3: Royal Signals - Comms Operator
1. Royal Signals - Comms Systems Op
2. Royal Signals - Tech Supply Specialist
3. Military Clerk (Possibly changing this option though)
1. REME Aircraft Tech
2. RAMC Clinical Physiologist
3. RHA Mounted Gunner
1. Royal Signals - Comms System Engineer
2. Royal Signals - Installation Tech
3. RAMC - Combat Medical Tech

Originally my third choice was Comms System Operator, but my recruiter told me to pick a job from a different regiment as if I fail to get in the Royal Signals with one job, I fail all together or something like that. I fully intend and hope to get my first choice though.
1 Armourer
2 Operator Millitary Intelligence
3 Geo Technician
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