What is Conceptual Training?

I have been working on a bid for battlefield study for a unit returning from Op Herrick and have just been told that a bid for a battlefield study is to be rewritten as "conceptual training" in order to gain approval.

AGAI 1 Chapter 23 lays down the rules for this sort of activity and I know the difference between a battlefield Study, a staff ride, relaities of war tour and a battlefield tour. What is conceptual training and where do I find out what it needs to look like?
Basically cut out the 'precedures' and focus on the 'intent' of what was studied. 'Task analysis' also features.
As it's name suggests, conceptual training is that which focusses on the theory (concepts) rather than practice of military operations. Therefore a study day, staff ride or battlefield study/tour are all examples of conceptual training, where as a field training exercise is not (although it may contribute to conceptual learning). What this means is that a conceptual training event (such as what you are planning) must be carefully targeted to deliver the right training to the training audience. This might sound a bit woolly; so, the reality is that in order to get the exercise funded you need to demonstrate that the exercise is the most cost effective way of delivering that training to the people who need it (the emphasis is on the NEED). What this means is that if you are planning to take junior soldiers to look at a battle from the formation level, your chances of getting it funded are nearly zero. This is because junior soldiers do not need a detailed conceptual understanding of formation level tactics and any understanding they do need can be taught in a more cost effective manner. Top tip is to identify your training objectives and match them to the audience, then prove why they need to be delivered and why they can't be delivered more cheaply by any other means. If in doubt speak to the training branch staff (SO2/3) in your Bde HQ.
Thanks. This sounds as if the term is just a new buzz word/ management speak to describe what is already in the AGAI and the criteria for approving such exercises.
The term Conceptual Training has been around for decades, what has changed is the scrutiny under which all expenditure is now put, prior to approval. As we keep hearing "there is no money!"

I may have been overly pessimistic in my previous post. As with all of these things, getting approval for this sort of this is partly dependant on the requirement (and justifying that requirement) and partly dependant on the money being available in the "right budget" and at the right time (again your SO3/2 Trg should be able to advise).

I suspect that you have probably been tasked to organise an exercise by your boss (who probably remembers these things happening in years gone by), you may need to prepare him/her for a NO-GO decision from your Bde HQ. Either way I'd recommend you don't spend a penny or commit to anything, until you have the financial approval or you may end up in a sticky situation. (I speak from a friend's bitter experience)

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