What is being a CMT really like?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by julietbravo, May 3, 2005.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I've just joined this forum and would like to know what being a Combat Medical Technician (CMT) is really like.

    I am Royal Marine who is seriously thinking about joining the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) as a CMT. I'd like to be assigned to 16 Close Support Medical Regiment.

    I spoke with an RAMC recruiter and they make being a CMT sound very good; but that's there job isn't it?

    What's it really like? Is it really all about putting up tents and painting boxes? Please let me!

    Thanks for your help.

    Juliet Bravo
  2. Forgive my ignorance, and i'm not a CMT so i can't really help you there but i was wondering can you not be a Medic in the Marines?
  3. Yep, good point, why do you not fancy being an MA? They get paid better.

    Also, be aware that although there are some helpful people here, the questions you've just asked will undoubtedly attract a fair share of whingers who never achieved anything as a CMT, if you just get a load of bollox replies you can PM me and we can chat about what you want to do.

    P.S - As a general rule, don't listen to a damned word any recruiter tells you. If you believe he has your best intrests in mind then you are sadly mistaken. :lol:
  4. To be an MA with the Royal Marines would involve a transfer to the Royal Navy, who provide medics to the Marines. With a green lid already, jb would be a good candidate for the job, but my RN medical contacts say he would be unlikely to get a RM job straight from training - they look for people with clinical experience.

    Probably more interesting than being a CMT with 16CS, anyway, judging by what they're currently doing.....
  5. Dear PaddyRAC, INVICTUS and ViroBono:

    Thanks for the quick replies.

    The Royal Marines do have their own MAs, but they only train 5 a year. As it stands at the moment, the courses are fully loaded for the next 8 years. So in theory a Royal Marine can become a medic, but he has to be very, very patient.

    So, is being a CMT any good?


    Juliet Bravo
  6. There are lots of different jobs that you can end up doing as a CMT, some are good, some are dogsh*t. You need to decide exactly what you want to do and make sure you get there. If you do that, you will enjoy it. If you allow yourself to be dragged down by people who are quite happy for their careers to pass them by, you will be bitter and twisted. There is a lot out there for a motivated CMT, you just have to get off your arse and work for it. To answer your question , I have had a great time as a CMT and I have gotten a lot out of it. Only you can decide if it's right for you. Is it possible for you to do an exchange? I know that it's possible for Army retreads to spend a few months in a Med Regt before deciding. Perhaps something to look into, if you don't ask you don't get. :D
  7. if you enjoy being clinical, CMT is not the job for you. if you only want to be clinical for a short time in your career and be dogged by clinical governance which will attempt to trip you up at every opportunity, then CMT is for you.
  8. Thanks INVICTUS and Filbert Fox,

    Can anyone else offer their opinion?

  9. there are of course, other trades in the AMS that you may be interested in.
    Drain sniffer
    Clinical Measurements
    Dental Support
    Dental Tech
    Dog handler
    Vet nurse

    did I forget anyone?
  10. Might be easier to ask what you think being a CMT is about & see if your expectations are realistic.

    Are you are looking for a Trade which will see you through into Civvy street?
  11. Hello TomB,

    I think CMTs provide emergency care to frontline soliders. During operations they may work in dangerous areas and are expected to do the job regardless. They also deal with the routine medical needs of soldiers. Being a CMT (especially with 16 Close Support Medical Regiment) means lots of operations, lots of interesting courses (e.g. tropical medicine), and a chance to be both a medical professional and a soldier. Of course there's lots of boring (but necessary) tasks like testing equipment.

    How close am I to the truth?

    Why do I keep hearing that CMTs just put up tents and paint boxes?

    Thanks TomB for any information you can provide.

    J. Bravo
  12. OK here goes,
    Yes, you can do this as a CMT. Be aware though that this is only on Ops. During peace time or exercises it's not quite as sexy and can be quite demoralising, due to the distinct lack of medical work to be done. This is when guys are given bone tasks like tentage, boxes, vehicles etc. to pass the working day.
    Yes it does, lots.
    Only if you kick and scream to get them. Nobody will be offering you courses on a silver platter. That's not to say that you can't get them, I have done a great many intresting courses.
    As a CMT you will not be represented by any recognised civilian body as a 'medical professional'. Your qualifications will be valid in the Army and the Army alone. If you want real medical qualifications and recognition then it is possible, but it's hard work and you will have to do it off your own back. As for soldiering, it depends where you go. 16 is as good a place as any within the Corps I suppose.
    A lot of people complain about the sh*t jobs they do but make no effort to find something better, so they end up doing them their whole career because they're too dumb or lazy to do any better. That's why you hear so many people complaining....
    Like I said before, there are some great jobs / courses / Ops to do but you have to do your homework and be motivated enough to go and get them. :D
  13. Ive been a CMT for the past 21 years. Its all about applying yourself. You will find, if you have got a bit about you, that the opportunity to become a very competant medic and to travel will be vast. By promoting yourself and knowing when the right time and the right place meet the CMT can do just about anything. Now is the time. We have our fair share of dik heads the same as everyone else. we have lots of females. They wont stay the course.(FACT)

    If adventure is what you like then our support to UKSF has just been increased. Standby for more of that. Thats not only on OPs but on some fantastic OTXs, The Medical training for these people is unrivaled.
    Paramedic training is also being introduced for main stream CMTs.

    i say give it a go fella........you have nothig to lose.
  14. Hear hear..
  15. I have just been involved in training a CMT whose has transferred from the Paras. In my experience, a lot of those who move in from other branches of the army are not only more motivated but their experience will often see them go further than the majority of recruits who tend to last 3 years before leaving.