What is basic training like?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by KennyT04, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. I'm thinking of going down to the recruitment office and applying for the army. I have plenty of questions to ask about the army, but firstly, what's basic training actually like? I want to know what to expect. I heard from my uncle that you are broken down during the first 5-6 weeks, but what do I need to expect exactly? cheers
  2. Schaden

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    No one gets "broken down" you do get shouted at, sworn at, made to do large amount of exercise, iron, wash clothes and polish floors - there is also a bit of warry stuff like shooting and then cleaning, polishing boots - you are expected to try to conform to what the army wants in their new recruits and work together with people you don't know very well.

    It actually is not anything like real soldiering and absolutely nothing like active service - but it's something people who want to experience those things have had to go through for the last 300 years or so.

    If you do it you'll remember it for the rest of your life.
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  3. It also varies slightly depending what you are joining, where you train and what your instructors are like.
  4. Well, it's pretty basic.
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  5. Keep it to the facts gents, thank you.
  6. Basic training = a period of time in which you decide if you like the Army - and if the Army likes you.

    You'll do stuff you've never done before, called stuff you've never heard before, see stuff you've never seen before.. and be part of something you've never been part of before.

    Suck it in lad.. Pride.
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  7. It is tough but with the right attitude you will be OK. You will be out of your comfort zone at times but will meet good mates who will help you through. Good luck.
  8. Its hard work but doesn't last forever.
  9. Level of just how tough/rough it will be, duration of training and success depends largely upon your attitude and aptitude as well as who you're thinking of joining.
  10. It is very interesting, its a shame the most recent vids have disappeared already off the BBC website. There was a series showing officers during training, very good, and if you thought, ****, if they treat officers like that, how will they treat me? you are thinking along the right lines. Another BBC series showed 4 guys attempting basic, and the successful eventually touring Afghanistan. Very eye opening, some people would say very watered down, I have no doubt recruits today get beasted as they always have, some nicetys have entered, mobile phone time etc.

    Nostalgia for you BBC Four - Collections - Army: A Very British Institution
  11. Agree the Young Soldiers series just been on the BBC is a good starting point to look at and will answer a lot of questions.
  12. What a load of Arsse, broken down, hard? what army was your uncle in then?
    Listen, when you get there you will be wined and dined like you have never been so before. Individual rooms with a choice of maids and linen sheets
    All the Permanent Staff are pussies [PDI], who will try and curry favors with you right from the word go, and that RSM. Well if he shouts at you, don't forget you've got Human Rights here.
    The kit is super fantastic with none of that bulling and shiny boots nonsense. You even get you kit tailor made, even your PT kit. Talking of which if you don't want to do any gym work or any of that nasty running around pelavour, don't forget your PDI is there to put it right and could even lock up any nasty PTI who might get carried away and ask you to do one more press-up than you are able to do.
    Likewise Drill, Weapons practice, range work, exercises and so on. Mind you exercises are fun, with you own personal tent put up for you, and the PDI begging to do your stag at night for you.
    Did i tell you about the food? Most army chefs have got at least one Micheline stars and many have three, such is the quality of the nose-bag they provide for you. All served by your choice of Lady waitress and as much champagne [top quality stuff here] as you can Quaf. Later at Bo-bo time, your personal lady maid will help you with your shower including lathering up and then into your Army Issue Silk PJ's and into bed, of course joining you for a fair dose of after hours activities providing you not to tired from making all those choices of your previous 24 hours
    Every day in basic training is a joy and a matter of making sure you have only the best
    Pay-day, the wages are far better than you realise as a civy, once you add on the perks and bonuses. For instance if the RSM who might be singing a fellow Solider a lullaby to help him sleep, on account of him being nasty to somebody that day, were to wake you, then that would qualify you for an additional £35 [£70 after midnight]. If the hot showers were to be 2 degrees colder than the desired temperature you requested that incurs a swinging penalty of £120 on account that you night not be as clean and tidy as you could be.
    Hard, don't you go listing to your Uncle , you take it from me and i am sure some of the other Arrsers will recall those extras that i have failed to mention, Best thing you ever did
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  13. Think of the hardest thing you could ever do, now think of hte most unpleasant thing you could ever imagine.

    Add together, multiply by your age, divide by the number of noses you have, now multiply by your oldest living relatives age...

    That is how good you will feel when you pass off.

    Bend and drive, young lad and drop your shoulder. Oh and stay off the grass.
  14. It was alright.