What is Atropine?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LCPL_Bull, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. as the title suggests what is Atropine and how is it used?
  2. It's a cough medicine for gardeners, but don't take it unless you're twitching like feck as it will kill you. Google it or look HERE
  3. Google is your friend;


    Curses, beaten. But as you're a cadet, its unlikely you'll be coming into contact with it anytime soon.

    Unless you're looking for something unusual to shoot-up?
  4. Try some. It's nice.
  5. Atropine is an antidote to nerve agents which are acetylcholine esterase inhibitors. It is usually administered by intramuscular injection at the same time (but different syringe) as 2-Pralidoxime (more often known as 2PAM). It is often packed in a 2 drug kit in auto-injectors with needles heavy gauge enough to penetrate the MOP suits. I forget the dosage as we were trained to use the prepack kits but I do recall during the only training I have done with live nerve agents the instructot told us that if he went doen with any visible symtoms to hit the red "HELP" button and immediately give him two complete kits.
  6. An anti nerve gas syret supplied to troops in the Rhine Army during the Cold War. You were supposed to jab yourself in the thigh when the gas warning went off. Dunno if it worked or not!

  7. Then swab yourself down with that feckin horrible Fullers earth
  8. Yep, it does work. The yanks train with live agent, they always have a couple of guys standing by with atropine and have had to administer it on a few occasions.
  9. Why didn't you just google it in the first place, bone bloody question IMHO!
  10. I can remember being told that sarin smells like new mown grass or is it Vx,one of them anyway,and always wondered how they knew that,dinger I think you have gave me the answer thank you

  11. A bit touchy aren't we ? chill out its Easter
  12. Apparently having a large dose of alcohol prior to administering a combo pen to oneself can avoid the symptoms of atropine poisoning (as practised by one of our blank... duvet technicians prior to going to saudi)
  13. Rumour I heard a couple of years back from some bloke, can't remember who now, was that they would get a small sample of the agent and get a "volunteer" to have a sniff followed by stabbing him with a arseload of atropine.
  14. I think she's been stood up tonight.
  15. Time dims the memory but I thought you where to wait until first symptoms showed before injecting with Atropine, for Atropine will make you very sick if there's no Nerve agent for it to 'Control'.
    And weren't you a hospital case after injecting, a serious Hospital case ?