What is ARRSE's policy for the ACF Forum?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by tom_dkg, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. I would argue that it should be regarded among the "etc" in the quote below, as an ARRSE "serious forum".

    If the forum has any value, and bears a title "ACF", it is my view that it should, when accessed by people browsing, reflect somewhat more of the truth of how 47,000 of our nation's youth choose to spend their time in a youth organisation supported by MoD, than is so often put forward by some, frankly odd, posters who seem hung up on kiddy fiddling!

    That so few posters are of the ACF itself is hardly surprising?

    I would suggest for the overall reputation of all concerned that as an alternative ARRSE management should seriously consider it a lost cause, and simply delete the forum.

    If some of the guys genuinely want a thread to talk about kiddy fiddling, perhaps ARSSE could consider meeting their needs with a new section to further their interest and amuse themselves?

    Perhaps titled:

    "Amused or fascinated on kiddy fiddling? Come in here!"

    ...you may want to look at the spelling. :)

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  2. I'm inclined to agree. I've pulled this from the standards thread:

    "If this valuable asset degenerates into nothing but a forum for innuendo and abuse, then we will institute bans for abuse . Lack of consideration of others who want to have a proper discussion about issues, will drive contributors, with something valuable to say or who are in a position to make a difference , away."

    In particular regard, like it or not, ACF Officer's hold a commission, and they in particular are going to have questions that are relevant to the regs as well, and whom are best placed to provide and answer. But the constant derision and abuse everytime someone asks something is getting beyond a joke. It's taken me 6 years to stop lurking because I didn't want to ask a stupid question and be continually called a kiddie-fiddling c*nt.

    There was a post recently in the Officers forum regarding sporting dress. I refrained from posting due to the tone, but in the Rifles at least, there is actually a recommended dress for officers at sporting events. Again, whine all you like about youth leaders walting it up, but if you're representing a parent unit I believe it should be done properly. I've always felt welcomed by the Rifles. ACF, Reg, TA. it doesn't matter.
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  3. What most users forget is, they where prob a pongo at some point,
  4. I should make clear this is not The Fun Police in action, to go positive, there are two useful outcomes, in my view, to my suggestions:

    1. there are 8000 adults in the ACF who might think to use this small part of ARRSE for its titled purpose if they didn't take one look and discount it as unlikely to be of any use to them.

    2. repeating that posted earlier, there are genuine issues which do cross over from a youth organisation wearing the uniform allowed by HM and supported by MoD and many serving personnel at all levels Regiments, to the Regular Army. And ARRSE would seem a most appropriate place to find that quality experience which might help.

    If I have missed something, and there are those who do feel that the sort of comments to which I am objecting are defensibly and usefully made, please don't hesitate to use this thread to explain your points of view.
  5. Indeed, it's very embarrassing when the 'limited intelligence' posters come on and spout a load of crap about CFAV in general.

    The Moderators role must be reviewed for the ACF group, especially when one says he is rather busy to be reading all the posts, WTF, give it to someone else...

    It should be swapping ideas, chatting about things related and relevant to the ACF, as well as a bit of a giggle, but without banging on about irrelevant issues imagined or assumed by the limited intelligence posters...
  6. We don't really have a "policy" as such, at least not one in any articulated form.

    The forum started mainly as an off-shoot of the OTC one, which has very different issues than the ACF and there was no-where else sensible to have it. As I'd been in an OTC both as an OCdt and as a troop commander it made sense for me to moderate that element of the forum, with another mod who having left the army then joined the ACF as a CFAV taking lead responsibility over this part of the forum.

    To be honest, I'm indifferent to its presence. I think that there are other ACF focussed websites and bulletin boards out there that do a better job than this one on ARRSE, but the reality is that ARRSE is always going to draw some small element of the CFAV who want to "feel part of the army" and do so vicariously on this site. I don't have a major problem with that in context.

    One of the main reasons that this forum gets so much attention from one or two individuals regarding comments for CFAV's propensity towards" the moist of thigh" etc comments is the contempt that some regular posters on this forum have attracted because of their behaviour. There are one or two people who feel the need to go onto other forums and start gobbing off on matters they have no knowledge or experience of in amongst people from the regular army who do. Then there's the constant bleating about commissions and authority - yes we know you hold one, yes we know it entitles you to be paid the relevant compliemts, no it doesn't entitle a former 3 years in never made it to Lance Jack in the regulars 20 years ago now a Capt in the Blankshire Rifles ACF to run around dressed like Idi ******* Amin and behaving like the Chief of the Genral Staff. Sadly there are too many pricks like that in the ACF and unfortunately you are all likely to be tarnished with that image by the regulars (and ex regulars). On one of the **** knows how many "I'm an ACF officer and I hold a commission respect mah authoritaaah" threads that spring up about... oh I don't know.... every other week one of the biggest "moist of thigh" protagonists actually said what everyone else knows, that despite what he thinks of most of the jumped up twats who never made it to a single stripe in their regular days giving it the "Idi Amin" now they are an ACF Capt, on the occasions he comes accross one of you he pays the required compliments because that's what you do, and on one occasion a rather befuddled ACF officer walked over and thanked him for the effort - like he said in his reply "it's not hard". Frankly I see too many threads on here about rank, status of commisions, authority and all of that bollocks, and you ask yourself why you come in for stick for being self-rightous.........

    The other aspect to this is the amount of "big girls blouse whinging". This forum isn't Current Affairs, doesn't get moderated to the same extent, but isn't exactly the NAAFI either. Every time someone posts something one of you doesn't like I get wails of derision for not swooping in, deleting the thread, sending the poster to the naughty corner, and defending your honour. People - man up! I've said this a thousand times, that's not the role of a moderator. I'm not here to defend you against the nasty grown ups, you can choose to ignore a comment or give back in sapdes what you get. My role is to protect the site from posts that could land it in legal trouble or which could compromise safety, security, or to remove comments that are potentially libellous (which is not the same as giving someone some stick on the internet). I have had to act quite recently on the latter point where not only was an unfounded allegation made against a CFAV, but that individual's identity was also openly identified.

    Like any aspect of life, there are some of you I'd quite happily stand and have a chat to in the bar in real life, there are others of you I just tolerate and would actively seek to avoid if your real personalities were anything lie your internet personas. On that basis the ACF forum continues, it is a matter of personal choice as to whether, and how, you wish to avail yourselves of the facility.
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  7. Guess the Moderators posting, just sums it all up...Sadly.

    Can you feel the weight of the chips on his shoulder he has about it?

    Maybe the Mod should hand over the role to someone who is not 'indifferent to its presence'

    After all '3c. Non-contributory posting ie pointless ranting' making wild allegations and posting unsubstantiated accusation against CFAV's seems to fall in that cattegory.

    But if the mod thinks that's fair game, maybe the site admin might need to be involved.
  8. Give your head a wobble. What do you think the CO's are going to do? Strip woopert of his pixelated medals and send him to watch the servers in Siberia?

    As he rightly said, there's dedicated ACF sites elsewhere on the net. Use those if you don't like the content on this one. So far on Arrse this week I've been called a ****, a liar and and ********** and can honestly say that although I'm not a liar ( :) )I didn't cry about it. If you can't take a bit of banter then I'd say a website aimed at serving and ex-squaddies is not the place for you.
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  9. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    As the ACF is a youth organisation is there any point there being a presence here?

    Why don't the ACF / CCF have a site specifically targetted at the youth of today, monitored and moderated to cater for children and those who act as the childrens guardians during their activities?

    Kill two birds with one stone?
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  10. I don't know, I though woopert's post, although difficult to read, was spot on, and relevant. I have found in the past that on the heavily moderated sites, posts match the opinions of the moderators, or get deleted, and the users banned. I stopped reading arrse for a couple of years because one of the moderators on the CA forum was heavy on the delete button, and I disliked his brand of censorship. Let's face it, censorship is what you are after for the ACF forum, and a mod to dance to your tune.

    Whilst the constant banter about CFAV being kiddy fiddlers/ walts/ rank obsessed numpties/ etc, may be tiresome, every time you react, you play into their hands.

    This site is infamous for praying on the weak and feeble-minded, usually when the Original Poster on a thread asks a completely bone question that has been asked and answered several times before. Then again, that is the same on every forum I have been on, including the ones where heavy moderation is the norm. From my experience, Heavily modded sites are usually the first to ban posters who ask oft-repeated questions rather than using the search function. Arrse self polices itelf in these cases by ridicule.

    I would suggest if you are so precious about your youth organisation, this site isn't the one for you to use. Arrse is hardly meant for kids after all.
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  11. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

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  12. Well, that's sorted that one then, delete the ACF forum, as seems to be the consensus so far.

    There are a few dedicated ACF website, I like arrse and the other forums so i'll be around for a bit longer, lol.
  13. I was just looking for that. I'm quite worried that my mind may work in a similar fashion to yours now.

    The horror.
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  14. Woopert, thanks for an honest post.

    Is it not though to a degree chicken and egg ?

    I can agree your views on banging on old themes of little value, that there are those in the ACF to big themselves up rather than do a job, (though we might disagree on what I would hope was a small proportion!), and I can even agree that a moderator's role is not to defend any poster who is over-sensitive.

    I can agree there are other forums and bulletin boards for the ACF, but there are certainly questions which come up within the ACF where there are guys on ARSSE would have useful answers. For example, many cadets do wish to move on to Regular Army, and ask their instructors questions which they cannot answer, those instructors NOT wanting to bullshit, and admitting their lack of knowledge, can do with a place to ask guys who arwe of have been there?

    The way to kill the bad egg producing the bad chicken that lays a bad egg surely though is if a thread goes over old old ground, a referral to a previous thread and close might be the solution? If individual posters show they do not want to discuss the content of a thread and simply wish to use it for "same old," "funny" comments, where is the value of having those posts in place? Are posters posting total crap going to go to the Human Rights Act in protest if they are simply zapped? (The posts that is, not the posters :))

    I am not indifferent to the ACF thread -

    On the one hand I think it could serve a useful purpose; but it is simply not going to do that when most of the potential 8000 CFAV's who might duck in for a look see its present general quality, and where regular members of ARSE who might duck in to answer any genuine question simply don't want to get into a slanging match on kiddy fiddling, or try to put an element of sensible reply into a thread already trashed by mostly posters with nothing at all to do with or any real lnowledge of the ACF. These potential users and ARRSE posters who currently choose not to reply are indeed taking you up on your feeling that everyone has a right not to be here.

    The result is that currently threads are largely consisting almost only of those there to wind up others, or the ones you dislike so much banging on about saluting, so the same old pattern keeps repeating.

    On the other hand, if the ACF forum is here, and it is thought it might be of use, I do feel strongly it should maintained reflecting the standards and values of the ACF, and if that is not possible to achieve, I feel equally strongly it should simply cease to exist, though I would see that with regret.
  15. Someone like you perhaps?

    He's just told you what a Mod is supposed to do. What difference do you think another Mod would make?
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