What is Arrse?


Whilst learning how to do charts on Excel this morning, I needed some source data... so I decided to work out what Arrse was actually made up of.

Did I miss anything?


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You missed 1%.....Boring cnuts doing statistics and charts
Mr Random makes up 1.9% of everything on Arrse?

He's a busy boy ain't he?


You missed 1%.....Boring cnuts doing statistics and charts
I did think of that straight after I posted it - but I felt that random shite would probably cover most of what I write.
And where the F'ck are "Tropper's Whoppers"

Abner Brown

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You missed out random nutters, trolls, obsessives and stalkers.

You also failed to mention dull civvy cnuts, desperate fat lasses and deranged meths drinkers.

The angry, ill informed and politically extreme probably fall into other existing categries.

There is also a small minority of erudite and interesting posters who contribute reasoned debate, informed opinion and good advice. Their posts are invariably worth reading and I have learned a lot from them. Alongside the wise, there are still some genuinely funny individuals. A few of the threads on here are hilarious and I (literally) haven't laughed so hard since I was wearing DPM.

The wise and the funny probably account for about 2% of the Arrse bandwidth......


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There seem to be a few other categories missing. What about increasingly improbable Falklands-related scenarios, the need for carrier aviation, why the RAF should be disbanded, why the RAF Regiment should be disbanded, bone questions about recruitment (with specific reference to the need for a private income), ritual cyberspace dismemberment of any poster even slightly left of centre and, finally, lunatic postings from internet stalkers, monomaniacs and the clinically insane (the recent Peter Dow effusion)?


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It seems we think alike Abner Brown - you just think two minutes faster.


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Defo missing from the list is the STAB v ARAB threads.

Para Regt v the World threads

these will take up most of you pie chart so it will start looking a bit (more) naff.
One thing everyone needs to remember is that 91.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
You missed out the real quality piss your self laughing threads. I know it will only be a vanishingly small percentage but they are there and they need recognition.
I just think it's sad that we have a disciple of Florence F'cking Nightingale amongst us
Surely at least 50% is made up of Porn, Women you want to shag, Women you shouldn't but would, Porn Stars, naked Women, Women who take it up the Arrse, Celebs you would shag, Celebs you wouldn't but would really, and for Cuddles Ginger Women you would/wouldn't but Cuddles would.
I bet that genuinely at least 1% of ALL arrse words are ******* swearwords or colloquials, innit?
missed sock puppets too, god knows they are a 5%+ group!
Not to forget tranny porn stars, sex toys and showing off ones guns!
I bet that genuinely at least 1% of ALL arrse words are ******* swearwords or colloquials, innit?

No there ******* not, some of us ARRSERS are refined individuals who speak proper England....so **** off and play with some sailor boys.

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