What is Americas problem with Democracy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by castlereagh, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. They just don't like democratically elected leaders doing things differently. Anyone would think they expected Maliki to be a vassal! :twisted:

    From Yahoo

  2. Oh but can't you see the fun in this. Since he's the GOP vassal, not the US vassal, the GOP now have to defend him, and by default his comments, to the Democrats - or simply shun him and make the whole Iraqi adventure look even more like a Gilbert and Sullivan production!!!!
  3. So the demcratic leader of Iraq is denounceing the democratic goverment of Isreal for attacking the democratic goverment of Lebanon and Iraqi leader is being denouced by democraticly ellected menbers of US congress for denounceing the democratic goverment of Isreals action in Lebanon.

    Funny looks like your typical normal democratic systems in action.

    Democracy isnt everyone agreeing in fact the power of democracy is that it allows people to disagree with each other without resorting to violence. The problems in Lebanon can be traced to one party of Lebaneze democracy ignoreing one the basic rules of all democratic systems. That rule being that only the state has right to wage war. Hezbolla by starting a war without consent of Lebanons goverment has unraveled the fundamental standards of conduct that make wars between true democracys so rare.
  4. Well said Siddar, welcome to the board.
  5. Nice try, but unfortunately untrue. The 2nd Amendment US Constitution, for example, can be said to argue for the existence of militias that operate independently of the Federal Government.

    Amendment II

    I think where you're getting confused is wiith the idea that the state has the monopoly on the legitimate use of force with the borders of the country. There is no such norm regarding the application of force against external targets.

    Secondly, under the Westphalian order, there is fcuk-all divided by six to prevent democratic states engaging in war if they perceive that it is in their national interest to do so.

    Thirdly, Lebanon is (was) undergoing a process of statebuilding after two decades of undue and disruptive influence and occupation by Syria and Israel. At best, they've had about a year to try and get their house in order- which isn't a huge amount of time. We are too quick to forget that it took many countries centuries to become modern democracies. To expect a weakened and imporverished country like Lebanon to get its house in order so quickly is, quite frankly, ridiculous.
  6. :D Lovely!
  7. Notice how it's the Democratic party attacking Maliki. That's just lovely :roll:
  8. While i have no problems with the Yanks, they do have an anoying habit of not liking anyone who doesn't agree with them!!
    Maybe thats why BLiar is sucking up to the Shaved Chimp, so that they dont invade us!!
  9. cunning plan by the democrats to make the shaved chimp and his followers look more stupid than usual nicely done
  10. The spams have always stood out from the crowd though :wink:
  11. Note the well regulated militia .Not the bunch of over weight dodgy types I met on a range in florida in 94 .At least our walts only get toy guns .USA democracy = DO AS WE SAY . As the denizens of iran chile gutemala etc found out . :D