What is all the fuss about?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Mar 11, 2005.

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  1. We are currently watching a total rhubarb in the (so-called) Anti-Terrorist legislation going through both houses of parliament. I doubt the usefullness of this regardless of what form it comes out as. The current threat from terrorism involves fundamentalists who gladly embrace killing themselves and untold innocent people in their actions. No form of legislation offers protection against this end result. If I am willing to die I am unlikely to be constrained by a few leather straps and a stay at home risk - even with MY wife. We have seen that there is a lack of intelligence pre-threat; this will doubtless decline with the restrictions regarding interrogation methods. I can go back to Malaya in the early-50s to NI in 72 and whilst our int. knew a lot as to organisation and personnel, there was little input as to plans. Forcible relocation, food denial, pseudo-gangs, turned enemy personnel and shoot to kill are not likely to be countenanced in the future. The backwash from AbuGharib will mean that interrogation is confined to tea and toast chats - that assumes one is interrogating anyone who can add to the pattern anyway.
    What is really required is some means of forestalling the actual attack. Getting a confession or locking someone up afterwards is scant recompense.
    I suspect that the security services (MI5/6) will allow things to run until they have firm information re an outrage and then pounce. Let's hope they get it right. Looking back we seem to get mucho publicity of terror gangs arrested and dreadful things forestalled but I have not seen a lot as to what happened to the majority of those arrested.
    I am, of course, looking at this from the standpoint of an investigator and not as a MI or interrogator side of the fence.
  2. I could take a rather uncharacteristically liberal viewpoint and question just how real the threat of "new" terrorism is.

    Are there more acts of terrorism in Europe today than 20 years ago?
    Were PIRA, ETA, The Red Brigades, Red Army Faction, 17 November..yadda yadda yadda all figments of imagination?

    How did we manage not to be bested by these organisations?
  3. Of course Britain is under mortal threat from Islamic terrorism, just like it wasn't under threat from Irish terrorism & all those mainland bombings were just a figment of your imagination, comrade. :twisted:
  4. Some of these confined themselves to Europe where different methods from ours dealt with them (Meinhoff deaths in prison etc)
    When PIRA caused big bangs in the City of London we took a lot of notice in negotiating with them that was not there when they were destroying the green khazi
  5. True, I suppose.

    Which would rather indicate to me that terrorism is the ideal, perhaps only method of getting the British Government to pay you any heed.