what is a Y List???????

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Could someone in the know please tell me what the Y list is?
Im likely to be absent from my unit for compassionate reasons and it could be longer then the CO can authorize. (much longer) I dont want to leave and the CO wants me to stay too.
will I be put on this list and what would happen to the  career after being on this list?

Thanks for your help.


I am to beleive it is where you are put under administration of your MCM APC Wing. For pay etc. Maybe wrong., but dont think I am.


The Y List is for soldiers who can't be employed for one reason or another ie:

a.   Terminal Leave

b.   Maternity Leave

c.   Long Term Sick

d.   Long Term AWOL

e.   Long Term MCTC.

Soldiers on the Y List (except AWOL) are given the phone number of the Y List in Glasgow, are administered directly from there and are allowed to ring them directly and discuss their careers - you know, the way it should be for everybody!!!


Certainly can't recall anyone going on the Y List for Compassionate reasons.  You say you are going for longer than the CO can authorise - I assume someone has authorised it then?

Without knowing the details I can't really comment much more, suffice to say if your CO is willing to gap you for an extended period (he would get a replacement if you were SOS'd to the Y List), then you must be bloody good, have an excellent CO, or both!


Artic_Socks It could be for about 5-7 months or more

Soldier_Why,  no other guy as my Plt Comd knows has been brought as a replacement and we are short of my trade at this time.

yes the CO is a good guy. but if Div and Ps4 are unaware will he be in the Brown stuff? I hope not ???  
5-7 months is a long time to be on compassionate.
Brown stuff, yes he could be if keeping it in house.
Hi mate, had a conflab with a pal from Ps4
your CO could be in the poo and you, so dont give to much away here.
Hope it all works out and All the best.

P.S. its good to see a CO sticking his neck out for his men well done ;)
I was posted to a medical centre of an RHA Regt based in N Yorks in the mid 90's and there was a young gunner who had been run over by a car, was in a pretty bad way. Any way, x months later this chap hadn't returned to work. He was at his home some way away. It transpired that he had an "agreement" with his BC. He would phone the Bty offices saying he wasnt better and his BC would let him have the time off. He wasn't Y listed (if I recall) and was most upset when my med Sgt investigated and asked him to return to N. Yorks. I can't remember how many months he had away from work, but was quite substantial.

To round off. This young chap's leg wasn't quite right and was put back into the referral system at DKMH. I think he was put in the Sgt's or Officers mess. He wasnt a bad bloke, just milked an unofficial system. Can't say I blamed him.


Had peek at the Army Leave Manual
you can not have authorized leave, Ps4 and your Division must be consulted, or is your CO trying to hide something?

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