What is a pioneer?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by irlsgt, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. For give my ignorance but what exactly in layman's terms is a pioneer?

    To me it reads like a semi-skilled assault pioneer/labourer

    Would that be a true reflection?
  2. yarp........ what is this? Wah night?
  3. A pioneer was a single celled organism and a complete waste of rations, a sort of cardboard cut out soldier we used to lean against things to make a barracks look occupied.

    No other use was ever found for them.
  4. They did walk the unit pet dog around fences though, they were good at that. Oh and they did clean up after themselves, they were good at that. Oh and they were supposed to clean up after the unit pet dog, they were useless at that.

    Dog shit ingrained in denims, the smell just seems to linger. Forever. The twats.
  5. The role and function of the Pioneer trade was diminished when an improved version came into service.

    The Figure 11......
  6. They were very good at kickin' the proverbial crap out of a defencless young Ammo Tech while he was lying in his own bed after a night on the beer at the Lazy K circa 1974. Had to be five of them cos the ringleader would never have had the bottle by himself.
    I'd love to meet him again.
    A month later one of them even got promoted.
  7. If you read books like "change & conflict,i think you will find that they are the jewel in the crown of the RLC . Always there in every action the army has been in!!
  8. Not a whah.... we don't have them!
  9. They regularly get attached to the Royal Engineers to help with tasks that are invaluable, like if some packing is needed to jack a bridge down on to, or you need something to muffle the noise of a six foot picket being smashed in with a sledge hammer. A pioneers head will do on both occasions.

    When we taught them mine warfare at 3 trg regt, we had to replace the wording "front towards enemy" on the claymores with "do not eat"
  10. We had imposed upon us a troop of TAG's RAF version of Pioneers. Unloading a ship and Mexeflotes in Masirah.Thickest bunch of mongs I ever came across,verging on dangerous. The term TAG team gave a false image. Looked like bespecatled dodgy scouts. Longest 3 days ever!
  11. Shortfuse, I applaud your "do not eat" line!!
  12. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Member of the Roman Catholic community who has forsworn alcohol and they are in the south too.
  13. Really? Care to expand on that? I'd be particularly interested to hear about the Pioneers exploits at Tora Bora, Tumbledown, Goose Green, South Georgia, Sierra Lione,CIMIC House etc etc or are you saying that they have been in every theatre of ops? In which case most of the ******* Corps was represented so hardly unique and certainly not a jewel worth more than any other in our crown.
  14. Ah! you denim wearing ex 70s soldiers. Always good for a chuckle. If you weren't eating sh!t sandwiches you were cracking one out in a guard box in some obscure German village and then fighting with the locals

    23 Pioneer Regiment - British Army Website

    Not quite the Norman Wisdom style they were when you could fire 3 rounds a minute in any weather but things change don't they?