What is a pad?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigpod, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Stuck this in the NAAFI as I expect abuse could ensue.

    I always assumed "pad" referred to a house on a quarters patch, making a padbrat a child of an army family brought up in such a salubrious place.

    However, whilst wandering round Paderborn at the W/E I heard a British woman telling her own personal padbrat that he was called that cos his dad was a married soldier, who are also called pads, whilst an unmarried soldier was a squaddie.

    I did not want to get involved and argue as I would be embarrassed to be assaultedd in a major German department store.

    However, who is right?
  2. Are you for fucking real?
    You can be a squaddie whether yer single , married , 10 wives , 50 kids, or divorced.
    There are 2 types of soldier, singlies and pads. The only difference is that pads very seldom get to go through the singlies birds but the singlies share the wives out on a rota system.
  3. It's what you write notes on isn't it?
  4. Singley - soldier who is not married at present. pl singlies.

    Pad - a soldier who is married at present. pl pads
    or the house in which a married soldier lives with his/her family. An area where pads are concentrated is known as a patch. Not to be used when describing soldiers.

    Padsbrat - a child of pad.

    padswife - a wife of pad.

    beanstealer - historical. A pad engaged (or known to partake) in the activity of eating in the cookhouse (pre-PAYD) whilst not on duty.

    Squadie - any soldier in the British Army pl squadies.
    also a fellow member of your training squad at CTC Lympstone (bootyese).
  5. I wuz wrong. Cheers all.
  6. You nicked my dog you bastard.:)
  7. From the slang dictionary;

    a home. The word now invariably refers to a room, apartment or house. In 17th-century Britain pad was used by peasants and poor travellers to designate a bed made of straw or rags, while in American slang before 1950 it designated a pallet or couch on which opium smokers or other drug takers reclined; this sense was later extended to encompass any room or place in which drug users gathered, or the beds on which they slept. The dissemination of beatnik-related jargon introduced the word to a wider audience, as did its adoption by the hippy generation.
    Citation ‘Drop-out pads for the large numbers of people hitting London at the moment looking for the mythical beautiful dreamboat.’ (International Times, April 1968)
  8. I thought that sort of behaviour was restricted only to Salt Lake City, Utah.
  9. Thought it was that new fucking gimmick released by Apple
  10. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    You thick f@ckers, a Pad is a car park for Helicopters, as in Helipad
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  12. Well things might have changed now but back in 80s Fally, there was always at least 2 regts away either in NI or Canada. Those fortunate enough to be on rear party took good advantage be assured. I thought things would be different when I got posted to Catterick but NO, there were just as many opportunities there.
    Why only salt lake city?
  13. I think a line might be drawn under 10 wives FFS.

    Unless of course only one of them is yours and the other 9 are just wives to whose 'needs' you are selflessly attending to whilst their real owners are away.
  14. i take it pad shaggin is still a popular sport between units who share the same locations ? ie tidworth etc?