What is a medical P3?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Habana89, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Hi I was given a medical P3 and was wondering what a P3 actually is? I know it means medically fit for duty with minor employment limitations and I also think it means some one with a current disease? some one who takes medicine on a daily basis? and some one with a restricted diet? If any one could tell me more in depth to what it actually is that would be great as im struggling to find any real information online, Thanks
  2. Habana, it used to be applied to the PULHHEEMS scale.

    The P stood for Physical capacity, normal being 2.

    This was normally qualified by the next letter describing where a fault might be. So if someone had a broken arm they would be P3 U3 (the U standing for Upper limbs).

    The medical status continued through: L -Lower limbs, H H - Hearing L+R, E E - Eyes L+R, M - Mental capacity and S - Mental stability.

    Hope that helps, it has probably changed since I learned that (I know it has as on my current paperwork I have some bizarre code that states I can deploy anywhere).
  3. My regular stalkers know which link I'm going to post, so here it is


    take a look at the intro chapter on that link, as this is in the regular recruiting forum I'm going to assume you are in for a horrible shock as you'll usually not be accepted with a grading of P3. pay particular attention to

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  4. I've always been curious about what PULHHEEMS stood for.

    Everyday's a school day

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  5. Learned that in 1982, as a reggy scablifter in Waterbeach Med Centre. Funny how it's the really useful things that stay with you. Like Fleming's Left Hand Rule.
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