What is a CBA???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TopBadger, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    Anyone know what a CBA is?

    As in "CEFO, CBA and Helmet"?


  2. Combat Body Armour?
  3. Yep. Have a McDonalds Gold Star :D
  5. CBA - Can't Be Arrsed?

    81 posts and you don't know some of the basics?
    Me thinks that your JNCOs need a firm speaking to
    Are they that unapproachable, or do you like to air your ignorance
  7. Combat Equipment Fighting Order, Combat Body Armour and Helmet
  8. Cheers all,

    Hey, i don't pretend to know everything!

    Well, my unit ain't got none... so nothing to sweat over anyhoo.

    Cheers again.

  9. If you are the Top Badger, the rest of them must be right thick cnuts.

  10. Probably a WAH but here goes

  11. Just like to say he is no relation to this badger! :roll:
  12. combat body armour first used in gulf war
    Ecba is enhanced combat body armour which comes with two ceramic plates front and back .The complete thing consists of liner two plates and a cover either dpm or desert .It also has a fastlock buckle at the back which is supposed to allow you to attach it too a belt .No ones does and some people steal it too make a loop for attaching rifle to assault vest .On issusing have been a few dramas people signing for plates they didnt know they needed though hopefully that doesn't happen anymore .And being handed a vest or cover with the rear pocket missing .Oh and some people getting excited about the useless buckle thing so if its missing let
    the stores bloke know cos if he is that **** might try to bill you for it .
  13. To be fair, I'd never heard of it until one was thrust at me in Basra Airport. "Fifty degrees and they're issuing body-warmers???" :roll: THEN we got the Softies!
  14. puteesinmyhands what telic where u on if u dont mind me asking? are you EWRR ot TYNE TEES? or am i a mong?