What is a Battery Commanders ACK?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Monday books, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. can anyone give me a simple definition pls? (for a book i'm working on in which a chap uses the phrase but i forgot at the time to ask him exactly what it meant)
    i think it's the nco equivalent of a FOO but does 'ACK' stand for anything?
    many thanks is advance
  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    ACK = Assistant

    eg, CP ACK - Command Post Assistant.

    So, BC's ack probably makes the brews.
  3. I can confirm ACK is "assitant" in Gunnerspeak...

    A SMIG (Sgt Maj Instructor in Gunnery) used to be called an ACK IG.. (Assitant Instructor in Gunnery)
  4. Confirmed.

    We started getting females in the command structure - operating as Ack Adj (Asst Adjutant).
  5. BC's Ack is nearly always a Sgt.

    Prime responsibility is to co-ordinate targets for the BC's Fire Plan.

    In camp prime responsibility is the technical training of the FOOs and their Acks. Also is TAC Grp SNCO (Tp Sgt job). The BC's Ack holds a vital and well respected position.

    Funnily enough I never saw one making a brew for the BC. Have seen a BC making a brew for his Ack though.


    PS I never made a brew for my Ack. Brought him several cases of beer and bottles of port over the duration, but I was always crap at making a decent brew (being circumcised I never had enough helmet jam to make the brew taste "just right" :) ).
  6. For your info "ACK" was the old phonetic word for the letter A (now ALPHA).

    A is indeed short for 'Assistant'.

    In the same way, during WW2 Antiaircraft Artillery or AA was known "Ack-Ack".

    Also, Roger was the old phonetic word for R (now ROMEO). R was radio-log shorthand for Received.

    I am such a spotter.

  7. BC's Ack is often the source of all useful/Gucci stationery et cetera or who comes up with clever ideas about loading plans for OP wagons et cetera. As far as capability goes, most BC's Acks in my experience could out-shoot the FOOs in their Tac Gp. It is usually a key step on a career going up the chinagraph queen route!
  8. In the same way that every FOO has an Ack (Assistant), so to does the BC. In the BCs vehicle, or the BCs Party, the BCs Ack assists the BC. He is also the one on the net giving the other Acks (and always the FOOs as we are crap at VP) a damn good rollocking...

    It is the logical career path for the OP Assistant - Signaller/Driver, FOO Ack, BCs Ack, FPC Comd.
  9. When I was an OP Ack in Honkers, many, many moons ago, I made a brew for a nice Fijian bloke on secondment to 3 RHA.

    His name was Capt "Steve" Rabuka...

    Students of history may know him as Col Sitiveni Rabuka, who led a coup in Fiji some while ago.

    So, my claim to fame is making a brew for a right-wing military dictator!
  10. Makes a change, most British trained foreign despots ended up as left-wing dictators! Probably drank coffee too...
  11. thanks all
    is 'ACK' then not an acronym at all but a colloquialism?
  12. It's the acronym for "A" ,the first letter of assistant as has been explained in great length. It would normally b ewritten as AI sigs or AI Gunnery.
  13. I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave a few posts ago.
  14. apologies HVM, can't see how i missed that, other than through stupidity or carelessness.
    soz. and thanks.