What is a B Mov 11...?

I'm just putting this out there to see if i'm getting mugged off....

I'm heading from Cambs to Newcastle in a weeks time and I've been told I can go to the Adj and get a B MOV 11 for the trip so as its free.

Is this a legit thing or am i being di*ked on??
People are confused:

a B/MOV/11 is International Travel Warrant, you need a MOD Form 1175

MOD Rail Warrant
From the Adjt?
msr said:
From the Adjt?
msr, you of all people should know by now that the Adjt has taken over the role of Leave and Movements Clerk in certain camps due to the roll-in of DII(F)and JPA. He is the only one in most units now who has the correct hierarchies and workflows to put warrants on the system.

Oh, if you have ever travelled from Cambs to Newcastle, you would know that you pass through 4 different international time zones and have to show your passport at Darlington before you travel any further north.

A simple schoolboy error though msr, so you are forgiven this time. :wink:
All rail travel should now be booked either by GPC card (up to the end of this month) or by using the new online system, warrants are a last resort. Your Admin Office should be able to sort this out for you or at least point you in the direction of the individual in your unit who books travel.

If you can't get a B Mov 11 from the Adjt, you can get a note from your clerk that you can either take to the automatic ticket machines at Ely or Waterbeach and as long as it is signed and stamped by your Orderly Office then they will give you a ticket, first class, to Newcastle.

My mate told me, so it must be true.
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