what intake?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. To give everyone a flavour of when we all joined hows about giving the intake/platoon and year of joining, to give added zip to the thread, try and remember an event and a top 10 hit from that period.



    Deal Bombing

    Ride on Time, Black Box.(i'm sick of that track)
  2. HJ,

    That was so long ago that I can't remember the year, radio had only just been invented and I couldn't afford newspapers. There were wooden huts.... I remember those! And the subsequent BBQ!

  3. Nice one :)

    Army Apprentice College 78C, Rezillos - Top of the Pops and fighting with some mental N Irish twät in junior company who would not give up despite losing every time he had a go :)
  4. 91A Blenheim
  5. 91C, Alamein Platoon

    Collapse of the Soviet Union

  6. 1985

    02 Platoon


    Two Tribes
  7. 09 November 1986 (a Remembrance Sunday I'll not forget in a while)

    Rhine 03

    Winter blizzards (not much exposure to the news at the time!!)

    In the Army now (Quo)!! That was painful
  8. 91 B Blenheim

    Bryan Adams Everything I do (all fcucking year!!)

    Man U winning cup winners cup
  9. 39 Plt

    I got my head banged so hard off my bedside lamp that I've forgotten everthing that happened that year or was in the charts.......
  10. 1986. 06 Platoon, changed mid way to Borneo.

    Your in the Army now! Status Quo. I hate that fcuking group!!!!
  11. 08 Platoon, 1985.

    Live Aid, whilst on adv trg at Gosport. And no they didn't get a f*cking penny from this callsign.

  12. 87c Dettingen Platoon, 1 Section.

    "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley was number 1.

    I prefered Mel and Kim myself.
  13. 03 Platoon 1985.

    Passing out parade on Corps Weekend. Not worth going home and celebrating.
    Getting beat up from the RD Wa*kers as they said I was a proper soldier and they were allowed to. Funny how things worked out for them.
    3 months in SEE holding platoon.
    Ex Brave Defender.
    Sharon from the Brams; top girl.
    Provo Cpl getting pasted everytime he went back to scotland.
  14. 82B Junior Coy
    COH E
    C Coy - CSM
    NAAFI Bar left hand stool and my name carved in the wood
    28 days over Christmas 82
    Rear Party Christmas 83 (Drunk again were we)
    AT L/Cpl
    AT L/Cpl
  15. 87b Dettingen. Star trekkin by a bunch of gitfaced glove puppets. Maggie wins another election hurrah!