What injurys do you have or have had...?

What injurys have you had or have had, how long have you had them for and how have they affected you??????????????????????????????

For me I have and still have pattelar tendonitis, which I have had for 7 months, which is painful sometimes but other times I dont feel anything! I just soldier on.
How long you got?
Most of mine are from civvie life the only army one I can remember is a stress fracture in the foot from BCH when they were first issued. We hadn't figured out you needed to leave out the middle eyelet when lacing them up.
My worst injury is my current one, from getting knocked off of my motorbike last year. Nerve damage to the axillary and suprascapulr nerves. Mostly healed now, nearly have full movement back, but seriously lacking in strength from my shoulder now.
Cor none for a while? ! Bruised my funny bone once :p

I seem to recover really quick usually, this year I got a massive hit on the shin, ouch.
I get a lot of back and shoulder aches if i run with the wrong bra on!

(black eyes too, if i'm really unlucky)
Does VD count as an injury??


When I got my full medical record for my War Pension there was injuries on there I had forgotten about. Even forgot I broke some ribs.
Don't worry your going to have lots more :D
broken wrist, broken ribs (front), broken ribs (back), bruised lungs, dislocated hip, hearing loss (both ears), various scarring to head and face, broken nose, repeated sore cock. F cuk I loved it in the Army! :D
Foot injury - initially the docs told me it was broken, then that I had a trapped nerve in my foot, now (18 months later) I'm being told it may be nerve damage in my ankle causing pain to refer down into my foot. It's developed into chronic pain now, so it's either really painful, tingly with pins and needles, or numb (that's my favourite). Not even really sure how I did it, think it was playing a game of rugby a month or so before I finished training (on crutches), but it might have been boogered before then, and I might just have knocked it during the game to finish it off.

Now considering claiming some sort of compensation, but not sure whether or not my morals will let me - I've always had issue with those ambulance-chasing compensation lawyers, and people who claim compensation. never thought I'd see the day when I'd consider making a claim.
Burnt myself on the arm while Ironing told all my mates back home I did it with the hot GPMG barrel on Ops. Does that count!
Prolapsed discs for 14 years before they finally removed them. I must have used a huge supply of Brufen over those years. Still in agony now and only got 4 grand when I left for my trouble.
I look like patch work doll with my body being covered in scars
blueflossy said:
I get a lot of back and shoulder aches if i run with the wrong bra on!

(black eyes too, if i'm really unlucky)
Be my friend :lol:
Hearing loss particularly in right ear, in freq range associated with SA fire
Long term lumbar muscle spasms
Right cartilage torn and removed
Advanced irrepairable degeneration of both knee joints

More recently my eyesight is fading fast, colon cancer (pain in the arrse that was) and frozen shoulder.

At my age I'm not bitching, still fitter than most of the local civpop 20 years my junior, just a pity I despise the turds.
Fractured tibia from the impact of my patala (sp? knee cap) smashing into it, after my leg bent the wrong way (a mate behind me said the sight of that almost caused him to be sick) whilst climbing the wall at the end of an ACFT and then trying to walk it off/play it down/man it up afterwards because I didn't want to get carted off in a strecher in front of the lads (if I were alone I probably would have curled up into a ball and cried!) which has resulted in; chronic pain in both knees, chronic popping of both knees, miniscus degeneration in the other knee oposite to the fracture, due to putting all weight onto that leg.
Broken 4th Metatarsal,
etc.. etc..

Still did the Commando course (and passed) with all of the above though...

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